Effect of Planets on your Life as per your Birth Chart
Debilitated/Exalted/Retrograde Planets - Vedic Astrology

Will you overcome your enemies? Will you get harmony in your domestic life? How will your health fare in your future? When will success come in your way? Or will you get your dream job? Vedic astrology has the power to answer all such questions.

The effect of planets in different houses in your birth chart signifies several different areas of your life. And effect of planets in different nakshatras represents a specific type of energy or influence in that area of your life. In fact, different planets and their positions rule the unfavorable and favorable situations in our life. There are some planets that are debilitated, some are exalted and some are retrograde planets. This proves that planetary positions in horoscope play a significant role.

Planetary Position in your Birth Chart

Your personalized prediction report can tell you the effects of different planets in your life. Know the significance, effect of each planet and get the in-depth analysis of their status. It shows the importance of planets in human life. If a planet's position is well placed in your birth chart and is a favorable planet, it will help you achieve success in your life. Likewise, if a planet is not well placed, it will bring in miseries and difficulties in your life.

The factors that decide whether the planets are favorable or unfavorable are:

  •    The planetary positions
  •    The Position of the house
  •    A particular planets strength in its own sign, friendly sign or in exalted sign

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