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The personality of the Decans in Astrology!

What are Decans?

The complete birth chart or natal chart constitute of 360 degrees made with combining all the degrees of twelve signs. Each zodiac sign rules 30 degrees of the birth chart. Decans are all about the degrees in the chart.

Each sign is divided into three parts. That means each sign has 3 decans comprising of 10 degrees each. If you are born in the first ten days of a sign, it will be called Decan 1, if you are born in next ten days of a sign, you will be considered under Decan 2 and Decan 3 is for the people born at the last ten days of a sign.

For example:

If you are an Aries and are born between March 21 and March 30, you come under Decan 1. If you are born between March 31 and April 9, you come under Decan 2 and if you are born between April 10 and April 20, you come under the Decan 3.


Personality Traits of each Decan in a sign



Decan 1: They have childlike innocence and can excite people. They have great enthusiasm. They can be very egoistic. They have no patience.
Decan 2: They are single-minded people. They are generous and inspiring. They are very sensitive. They give respect only if they get back in return.
Decan 3: They enjoy the little things in life. They are trustworthy and responsible. They can sometimes get unrealistic. They are adventurous.



Decan 1: They are very determined and sensual. They love peace but it’s difficult for them to adjust. They have high moral standards.
Decan 2: They think before they speak. They are charming and quite shy. They can sometimes be over- realistic. They can handle anything with ease.
Decan 3: They are very loyal and faithful. They have a good sense of humor. They are disciplined and punctual. They lack in imagination.



Decan 1: They always have interesting thoughts. They are very systematic. They are emotionally empty. They are the life of a party.
Decan 2: They have a great logical mind. They are shallow from inside but charming. They value everything. They are good at conversations.
Decan 3: They are unemotional. They have great ideas and concepts. They are sociable and friendly. They are quite Impartial too.



Decan 1: They are authentic and emotional people. They are very caring. They are determined but are very jealous. They are highly intuitive.
Decan 2: They have very deep feelings. They are very reserved personality and are possessive too. They are very seductive.
Decan 3: They love helping people. They are very moody. They get happy around small animals and babies. Their feelings change very fast.



Decan 1: They have no ego and are sensitive at heart. They depend on others. They are very creative. They enlighten the word. They are high maintenance people.
Decan 2: They are conservative and quite traditional. They are risk-takers. They are stubborn and optimistic too.
Decan 3: They don’t admit their mistakes easily. They have a heart of gold. They are frank and honest. They are always cool-headed.



Decan 1: They are always bragging. They are always self-improving. They are crazy about fame and prestige. They are very practical.
Decan 2: They are materialistic. They are ambitious and flexible. They are quite one-sided. They don’t forgive easily.
Decan 3: They are quiet and reserved personality. They always dress well. They can become fussy and narrow mined sometimes.



Decan 1: They get very aggressive sometimes. They are very stingy. They are fun to be around. They are very mature people.
Decan 2: They are very Romantic. They don’t like to be sociable. They are very secretive and introvert. They are very cool and calm.
Decan 3: They are great with people. They believe in heir intuitions. They are funny and humorous. They find happiness in little things.



Decan 1: They are very dramatic. They love from their heart. They listen when they are wrong. They act immature sometimes.
Decan 2: They are very mysterious and manipulative. They are romantic and seductive. They can be shy sometimes. They are very attractive.
Decan 3: They trust people easily. They are always willing to compromise. They have good will power. They are very protective and caring.




Decan 1: These people are straight forward. They don’t like hiding things and are open. They are broad learners. They are overconfident.
Decan 2: They are not at all fake and artificial. They are very brave. They follow rules and regulations. They are kind at heart.
Decan 3: They are spontaneous. They get impulsive sometimes. They always aim for high. They follow their ambitions and dreams.



Decan 1: They are very dominating. They get aggressive easily. They never lie. They are adventurous. They are very close to their family.
Decan 2: They are very talented and artistic. They are practical and realistic. They have a great sense of humor. They never compromise in any way.
Decan 3: They are very patient and intelligent. They don’t like fantasizing. They believe in mind than heart. They are serious most of the time.



Decan 1: They never judge. They think freely. They do what they love. They obey the rules. They are a great driver.
Decan 2: They are extremely alert. They are good at making strategies. They like social interactions and communications. They love fiction.
Decan 3: They are idealistic and always involved in a social cause. They are always at mental peace. They are great at writing and communicating.



Decan 1: They believe in spiritual things. They are always inclined towards friends. They lack confidence. They are most of the tie on their own.
Decan 2: They are the sweetest and most loyal people. They love making people smile. They change their behavior according to the other person.
Decan 3: They are very jealous. They get irritated easily. They are always in a positive mood. They don’t like sharing things with anybody.

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