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How to Date a Scorpion

Loving a Scorpio? You must have explored few dating tips and dos and don’ts of treating him. Here how to understand them through their zodiac characteristics. Let’s first talk about scorpion men. Magnetic, dashing and spontaneous, these guys fall in the eight zodiac sign and born between Oct 24 - Nov 22. Your personality is sweet and nice but those who know you closely are aware of your secretly aggressive mode. This is why you are counted amongst one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. Get your free birth chart now.

Scorpions are passionate and love to adorn the love. They are assertive people who are an emotional being, so if you love them, you have to be really careful while talking to them. They might get hurt easily but won’t show it straight forward but will aloof them from all. This cool aloofness is a surfacing characteristic of our nature, since you are vulnerable to other’s feelings. You want passion and thrill to stay alive in your relationship so would give your 100% in love and expect same, if not 200%. You yourself need to analyse whether the one you love is worth the time spend or not. As there are half way journeys in Scorpions life, you have it completely or stay far away from it. Scorpio Free Horoscope , check here.




Demanding and somewhat possessive, they give themselves whole heartily, so sure that they will be loyal even if they are aloof at times. Stringent about their rules and norms, they won’t withstand what you say, may be most of the times, but don’t they would listen to your thoughts. May be you could expect to get fulfilled somewhat little later as your scorpion love would analyze your words first and decide to take on actions later. Know more about his personality through Horoscope chart prepared by renowned astrologers.

Talking about a girl, who is a Scorpion; expect to be blown away by her magnetic personality. Be ready to get hypnotized by her charm as they are the one who could make heads turn with a walk into the room. Sometimes you find them so lovable that you wish to be in their company but at times, they make you feel irritated to an extent that you wish to be detached. Give time and everything will be fine.

Understand your scorpion well by knowing him/her deeply. If you wish you can consult our astrologer for your compatibility issues and concerns regarding over queries through Live Astro Counselling.