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The Bounties of Venus

There are many tales and stories about Venus. According to one such, Venus or Shukra, was highly concerned about the conditions of his disciples- the demons. He decided that the only way he could bring them happiness and success was by making them wealthy.

Once this thought crossed his mind, he wasted no time and immediately concentrated in acquiring immense wealth. To achieve this without a chance of failure, he started meditating, this rigorous meditation went on for many years and Venus prayed endlessly to Lord Shiva. Finally Lord Shiva was pleased and readily granted him boon. This boon made Venus the lord of wealth in the world as well as in heaven. Check your venus postion in your natal chart horoscope with Cyberastro Free.



Venus was the mentor, philosopher and guide to the demons. Venus was happy and quite readily dispersed all of it among his disciples and devotees. This shows the magnanimity of Venus.

Another Puranic tale also depicts how Venus entered Lord Shiva’s body and was confined in his semen. Venus wanted to steal a certain magical art which had the power to bring the dead to life- the art of Sanjeevani. He wanted to bring life to all the demons that were dead. This would have meant disaster which Lord Shiva could not let it happen.

The omnipotent knew of Venus’s entry into his body and immediately closed all the exit routes. Finally Venus could exit naturally through his semen and it was Parvati, Lord Shiva’s consort who saved Venus’s life after this exit. By this process of exit from Lord Shiva’s body, Venus became his biological son who Lord Shiva could not kill.

In astrology, Venus is significant of female energy, the beauty of living, in other words it is a lovely planet - beauty incarnate.