Why Choose Cyber Astro

Cyber Astro Limited is the only astrology products and services company that delivers an authentic astrological ring made according to one’s particular finger's size, duly energized with proper Vedic rituals before dispatching it to its clients across the globe. It is the correct process of energizing (Prana Pratishtha) which makes the Gemstone effective enough to enhance the performance of the benefic planets and curb the ill effects of malefic planets.

In our e-Gem Store, there are different grades of gem stones available and their prices widely vary depending upon the grade. It is a mistaken notion that the more expensive stone you wear, the more favorable will it for you. The effectiveness of the stone entirely depends on your own faith and on the power of initial energizing process or the Prana Pratishtha. The statement also holds true for the grade of metal that is used to make your ring. Alternates for such gemstones are not as effective as the original ones; however, in case you choose an alternative gemstone, you must ensure that the weight for that alternative gemstone should be higher. For example, in case of Ruby, the usual recommended and usually stipulated weight is around 5 carats but in case of its substitute, i.e., Pink Tourmaline, the recommended weight should be around 9 carats.

We at Cyber Astro offer a vast range of options in terms of Gemstones and alternate gemstones with different grades and metal purity in order to provide you with the convenience and freedom to choose the grade of stone and purity of metal that best suits your taste and budget.