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Each planet has its representative deity and its specific form. Each deity has a certain color, particular appearance, a unique vehicle (the animal it rides, signifying its underlining power). All the planetary deities are regarded as male. This is because all the signs and constellation are regarded as female. The planets are the forces (male), which work in the fields of signs (female). Planetary deities also have their ruling deities (Adhidevta) and their overlords (Pratyadhidevta). These may be male of female according to the nature of the planets.

Worship of Planetary Deities

Name Ruling Deity Over Ruler Deity Worshipped Vehicle
Sun Agni, God of Fire Shiva, The Great God Shiva 7-Headed Horse
Moon Apas, Water Goddess Parvati, The Great Goddess Durga Deer
Mars Bhumi, Earth Goddess Skanda, War God Hanumaan Goat
Mercury Vishnu, The Maintainer Narayana, another form of Vishnu Vishnu Lion (with trunk)
Jupiter Indra, The king of the Gods Brahma, The Creator Vishnu Elephant
Venus Indrani, Queen of the Gods Indra, King of the Gods Durga Horse
Saturn Yama, God of Death Prajapati Hanumaan Ox
Rahu Durga, Goddess of Power Sapra, The serpent God Shiva Lion
Ketu Chitragupta, God of Karma Brahma, God of Knowledge Shiva Serpent

Different Vedic Rituals

Vedic Yagna Methodology Price Recommendation More
Shani Sade Sati Yagna Worship of Planet Saturn US $255
INR 15000
To lessen the negative effect of the planet Saturn more
Rudram Chamkam Yagna Worship of Lord Shiva USD $351-$521
INR 21000-31000
For immediate relief from problems and fulfillment of wishes more
Manglik Shanti Yagna Worship of Planet Mars US $255
INR 15000
To lessen the negative effect of the planet Mars more
Kaal Sarpa Shanti Yagna Shanti of Rahu and Ketu US $255
INR 15000
To protect oneself from the negative influence of Rahu and Ketu more
Mangala Gouri Yagna Worship of Mangala Gauri USD $411-$1611
INR 25000-101000
For Boys facing delay in marriage, marital problems more
Katyaayni Yagna Worship of Goddess Katyaayni USD $411-$1611
INR 25000-101000
For Girls facing delay in marriage or marital problems more
Shri Mahalakshmi Yagna Worship of Goddess Katyaayni USD $411-$1611
INR 25000-101000
For long and stable financial comfort and prosperity more
Ganpati Yagna Worship of Lord Ganesha USD $411-$1611
INR 25000-101000
For removal of all kinds of obstacles in life more
Maha Mrityunjaya Yagna Worship of Lord Shiva USD $521-$1611
INR 31000-101000
To free oneself from any kind of legal or health related problem more
Kanakdhara Yagna Worship of Goddess Lakshmi USD $411-$1611
INR 25000-101000
For immediate relief from financial problem more
Santan Gopal Yagna Worship of Lord Krishna USD $521-$1611
INR 31000-101000
For removal of any kind of obstacles related to the birth of a child more