Vedic Astrology Articles of Faith and Devotion

As per the scriptures of Ramayana, the significance behind the Rama incarnation was pre ordained. Vishnu was cursed by a certain powerful Sage that he would have to spend a longtime as a mortal on this earth and be separated from his wife. Hence Rama’s life is depicted in this manner in the epic Ramayana. In this context Hanumaan was the protector who made Rama and Sita’s reunion possible. It is said that Rama was a Manglik and it was Hanumaan’s intervention that made their reunion possible.

It is another matter that Rama needed no help, as He was a full Avatar or incarnation of Vishnu, but even Gods are subject to devotee’s anger, despair and sorrow.

The myth that depicts the death of the wife of a sage at the hands of Vishnu also portrays penitent Vishnu waiting for the particular sage and face whatever his anger or sorrow declared as his own fate.

Rama used the image of a monkey simply to determine the power of devotion. Here and again it was Hanumaan who saved Lakshmana, Rama’s brother from death in the hands of Indrajeet, son of the Demon king Ravana.

Hanumaan-ji is the ruling deity of Mars and all of us need to harmonize our Martian energy in order to get the maximum benefit out of its forceful energy. Not only Hanumanji; you can also worship different deities as per your faith and devotion.