Status of Rahu & Ketu in your Birth Chart

Major Transit of the year is about to take place in astrology. The transit of Rahu & Ketu into Gemini and Sagittarius is going to happen on 7th March 2019 To 23rd September 2020.

Where Gemini moon sign is ruled by Planet Moon and Sagittarius moon sign is ruled by Saturn, It would be a mix yet unpredictable transit that is likely to affect people and different aspects of their lives.

Since, each planet rules a particular moon sign similarly; these planets and their position in the birth chart of each individual vary with different houses and aspects of life. Each planet has a particular orbit on which it travels and completes its journey around the 12 signs. Some planets are fast moving and complete their journey round all the moon signs on a faster pace. Whereas, the slow moving planets take longer time to travel and lay major impact on life and events related to it.

This time Rahu & Ketu as slow moving planets are going to transit from one moon sign to another and stay there for 18 months to impact the present time of people. Rahu & Ketu analyze the past and present deeds of the person and reward them accordingly depending on their present and spiritual lives.

Explore what is the Status of Planet Rahu & Ketu in your birth chart and what it would predict for you in the coming future!

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