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Our physical and mental characteristics are true portrayal of our personality as a whole. Physical characteristics stand for not only our physical structure or body type but it also the positive and negative traits associated with our physical conditions. And quite like physical characteristics, our mental characteristics exposit our thinking behavior, thinking pattern, mind set and a lot more about the positive and negative attributes of mental condition. In order to achieve success in all endeavors of our life, it makes sense to carefully analyze the positive and negative attributes of our physical and mental characteristics and strengthen the positive attributes and get rid of the negative attributes related to our physical and mental characteristics.

Vedic astrology has unique strength to describe anyone's physical and mental characteristics on basis of individual birth chart. In fact, your birth chart outlines your personality blueprint. Hence it is important to understand the planetary configuration in your birth chart if you wish to discover how your physical and mental characteristics are evolving as an individual. The planetary influences in your life also helps you map how your mental frame and personality changes and develops as the planets transit through different signs and houses. Your personalized Planetary Influence reading based on your individual birth chart gives you an excellent overview of your physical and mental characteristics that eventually help you shape a successful life.

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