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Professional core competence is an underlying characteristic of a professional that enables him/her to deliver superior performance and achieve success in a given situation. Professional core competence consists of clusters of natural talents, attitude, knowledge and skill set.

Every human being has a peculiar professional core competence. This competency could act as a strong pillar of our professional life. One should always try to enhance his/her competency to achieve the highest goal of his/her professional life. However, understanding the same is not easy for every individual.

For example, ashtak varga (one of the most powerful branch of Vedic astrology) has unique strength to calculate the professional core competence of any individual. Our birth chart has the ability to reveal this peculiar professional core competence.

It is importance to understand that you can achieve success in your profession and career if your natural talents are aligned with your work portfolio. Your Birth chart yields the ability to reveal your future with regards to your career and professional competence. Getting acquainted to your professional core competence can help you make better strategies for your career and execute your strategies to perfection.

So if you wish to achieve your Career Goals with precision, it makes sense to understand your professional core competence as per your birth chart. This elaborate report will help you unleash your professional core competence and progress faster and achieve more in your career.

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