Four Pillers of Sucessful Career
Potential for Success in Career-What’s Your Astrology Score!

There are certain pillars of success that can help you achieve the heights in your professional life. We shall talk about the first 4 pillars over here that are significant in ones life. No matter what is the choice of your career, your ability and right approach towards these pillars, will be the distinctive measure of success in your career.

These four pillars of success are:

  •    Leadership & Power: If you have leadership qualities and power to influence, guide and control your subordinates, you are a winner.
  •    Popularity & Brand Value: The Moon gives love and friendliness to all. That itself is the key to our popularity. It is the capacity to focus our attention beyond our selfish needs and selfish goals to other's needs and other's goal in our career.
  •    Result Orientation & Focus: Focus and result orientation is the bottom line to your success in your career. Mars is the planet of power , strength, courage, and aggression, and measures our ability to project force in life.
  •    Communication, Transaction & Selling ability: Selling means to project our ideas, our desires and to communicate with others to achieve a common goal or common objective. These are must to move forward in life.

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