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Your Future Career Growth in year 2021

Career growth is an important aspect in your life, which is why it becomes essential to check what lies ahead in your career 2021. Astrologically, there are four major milestones / turning points in a person’s professional life. Nadi Astrology gives clear details and bearing of these turning points. These milestones are based on the relation of transiting Saturn with natal Sun in our birth chart. Depending on our age and the stage of our life we are in, the impact of transiting Saturn with natal Sun can mean different for different people in each turning point. Between each milestone there is a gap of 7 and half years (preparation stage for next milestone) in each cycle. Explore more with career astrology.

As per Birth Nakshatra the 4 Varnas are as follows:

  •    1st Milestone: signifies "Start". This could mean Start of school education or Start of one’s career or fresh start of a career/ business. This milestone will initiate new beginnings and give a push to your professional or academic life.
  •    2nd Milestone:signifies "New Direction". This could mean that physical efforts and mental strength would be focused towards discovering a "new you". There will be clarity regarding the educational stream one wants to study further or the career option one wants to settle with. This could also signify a new career option or a job change or a break in career.
  •    3rd Milestone: signifies “Setback / Loss / Change”. This could mean that one changes the course of education or opts for a career that is entirely different from the current one. This also marks the beginning of a new phase like starting own business.
  •    4th Milestone: signifies "Peak / Result". This could mean getting your desired qualifications / degree, reaching the peak of your career or in some cases retirement also. This milestone represents your satisfaction level as well. Waiting to reach this milestone? Know the best time in 2021 for the desired career growth with Yearly Predictions 2021.

Now, definitely you would be interested enough to check which stage of career are you in currently and if there is any one of the 4 milestones in your career in 2021 or is it a preparation stage to reach the next Nadi milestone of your career? Know more with career astrology.

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