numerology prediction

The Basics to Know Your Annual Prediction

Learn more about how a future year is predicted for you

The following information is needed to predict what a future year will hold for you.

  • The date of Birth
  • The month of Birth
  • The year for which predictions are needed
  • The day of the week your birthday falls on for the required year

Each day of the week is assigned a specific number according to the number of ruling planet of the day, as detailed below:

Day Number Ruling Planet
Sunday 1 Sun
Monday 2 Moon
Tuesday 3 Mars
Wednesday 4 Mercury
Thursday 5 Jupiter
Friday 6 Venus
Saturday 7 Saturn

Supposing you were born on the 28th February 1944 and you want to know about the trends and broad events in store for you in the year 2002 (your birthday in year 2002 falls on Thursday).

You add the following:

Birth date 28
Birth Month 2
In year 2002 Birth Day (Thursday) 3
Last two digits of the future year 02
Total 35
3 + 5 = 8

You get your predictions by consulting the predictions for the year Number 8.