Are Your Actions Focused Towards Your Goal?

For a professional, perseverance and action -oriented behavior is must to achieve success in life. Putting efforts in a task is not just enough; you need to ensure your actions are focused towards your goal. In fact, in every aspect of life, skill or desire along with efforts channelized in a right direction is required to accomplish a goal successfully and within specified timeframe.

Mars is a planet of actions and rules our capacity to project emotion. It is a natural signifier of energy & focus and rules our ability to project force in life. A Favorable Mars turns a human energy more positively into focus, strength, determination and achievement. A favorable Mars blesses one with a successful career and married life.

While on the other hand, when this planet is in debilitated sign in an individual's birth chart, it can give him/her impulsive or violent tendencies and a great lack of concentration & focus. It can even cause abortions and miscarriages, sudden and violent accidents/calamities, various diseases, weak immune system, low appetite, weak muscles & liver, anemia and lack of sexual vitality in males. So it become important to consider whether it is deliberated or exalted position in your natal chart, will it bring favorable results or bring challenges in your life!

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