Frequently asked questions

Over the years, there have been many questions that seem to be predominantly prevalent amongst both existing and potential customers alike. We have attempted to answer many of those questions below to guide our customers better about purchasing gemstones. Of course, if your question is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail for further assistance.

Why wear Gemstones?

Each planet subjects us to certain cosmic rays. While some are beneficial, others are harmful. The ancient sages and saints of the Vedic ages discovered that there are different ways to counter and curb the harmful effects of the malefic stars and planets. They believed that the best remedial agents, better than herbs, and even better than metals, are flawless (or as flawless as possible) gemstones of not less than 2 carats in weight. These gemstones act like cosmic filters and either enhance the beneficial rays or block or curb the harmful ones.

How can Gemstones help me?

Ancient Vedic texts and scriptures indicate that gems influence human beings both physically and mentally. They yield both positive and negative effects on human lives. It was observed that each planet is associated with a particular gemstone and every gemstone has an inner strength to absorb radiation emitted by a particular planet. Therefore, in order to yield the maximum benefits, gemstones of astrologically identified planets are worn.

Gems are like highly potent medicines that have the inner strength and capability of reducing malefic impacts of planets on one’s life, while also helping to create a positive environment for happiness and overall development. They can improve or better the problem areas in one's life such as fortune, health, profession, finances, emotional issues in relationships, future of children, etc.

How are Gemstones prescribed?

Gemstones are usually chosen and prescribed according to your birth chart, which is a unique signature of planetary configuration at the time of your birth. Wearing right gemstone of right weight on a pre-identified day, of right metal, in the correct finger and at an auspicious time is most vital aspect of Gem therapy. Gems yield both powers to give and take. So wearing a wrong gemstones or a right gemstone in a wrong finger or of wrong weight can be harmful for those wearing the particular gemstone in anticipation of good luck!

How can I find which is the Gemstone for me?

In order to select the right Gemstone, you must get your Birth Chart analyzed by a renowned astrologer. At Cyber Astro, we provide Personal Gem Prescription to make it easy for you to select and wear the right gemstone.

Where will I get genuine Gemstones?

Jyotish or Astrological quality gems are normally available with select Jewelers. But rarely are such gems certified for their quality and natural source. And where such certifications are available, the overall cost is very high. At Cyber Astro we provide you with Gems that are certified and this service comes to you at nominal cost. We sell only "Jyotish" quality gemstones. To see the range of custom gems available visit out eGemSmith pages.

Semi Precious stones provide an affordable alternative to expensive stones. See the wide range of ready to wear Jewelry at the Jewelry Mart.