Gems Quality and Reliability

Reasons to Buy Gem stones and Yantra from Cyber Astro.

  •    All gemstones are offered by Cyber Astro are natural gemstones authenticated by test laboratory. The test certificate will accompany each shipment except for Red Coral and Pearl.
  •    Cyber Astro is perhaps the only site that offers you the facility of selecting and purchasing a ring with your gemstone manufactured as per your specifications. We offer door step delivery to all parts of the world.
  •    Cyber Astro provides rings and yantras totally as per astrological specifications. Even the mounting stone on an ordered ring is manufactured as per astrological specifications.
  •    Cyber Astro offers totally transparent specifications of gemstones with realistic and affordable prices.
  •    All astrological rings and astrological Yantras are energized with appropriate rituals before they are shipped to you.
  •    All gemstones and yantras are manufactured as per designs created by Cyberastro, adhering to exact measurements and specifications of Yantra designs.

Buyer Beware!

A gemstone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral, which is desirable for its beauty, values in its rarity and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. Please heed the below mentioned information whenever buying a gemstone to safeguard your money and valuable time against gemstone frauds.

  •     It is important to safeguard yourself against illegitimate gemstones and yantras as they may yield negative effect on your life. Beware of abnormally low prices of precious stones advertised anywhere. They are likely to be ordinary stones that have been chemically colored in a laboratory and are NOT suitable or effective as astrological remedies.
  •    Remember precious stones are called so because they are valuable and naturally more expensive than other ordinary or semi-valuable stones.
  •    Insist on actual weight of the stone to be certified by the testing laboratory, whenever buying a gemstone.
  •    Do not make the common mistake of accepting the weight of the stone as the total weight of the ring, whenever buying a gemstone.
  •    Insist on astrologer's recommendation whether a particular gemstone is suitable for you as per your natal chart.