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Yellow Sapphire brings wealth & prosperity in Life!

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is a yellow-colored precious gemstone that is known for its dazzling shine & finish. In astrology, this gem has its special significance linked with name, fame and prosperity in one’s life. It is a stone associated with one of the important aspect of our life-Wealth, without which we are unable to lead our life. Pukhraj represent Jupiter –planet of luck & prosperity in our life. If a native has weak Jupiter in his/her horoscope chart, then Yellow Sapphire is suggested to strengthen effects given by Jupiter.

Yellow sapphire brings Material Comforts & peace in Married life


Yellow Sapphires bring richness to anyone who wears it, thereby making it popular and beneficial among the Navaratnas. It is said to improve the financial status of an individual who choose to wear it & bestow him or her with immense wealth, good health, name, fame, honor and success. It is considered auspicious gem, bringing peace and success and ensuring you enjoy all the material comforts of life thereby leading a luxurious life full of peace and contentment. Moreover it also represent divine grace and wholesome in one’s life.

It is one of the gemstone meant for knowledge, auspiciousness in terms of assets and that bring harmony in loving relationships. Apart from this, it does offer spiritual knowledge to the wearer and keep his/her heath in sound state. It is a general fact that all married couples desires to have a harmonious married life and aspire to live a happy family. It is believed that Yellow sapphire is meant for harmonious and prosperous life as it helps strengthen Jupiter, which is the significator of spouse.

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Sapphire:

  • It gives a wearer wisdom, good health, property, name honor, longevity, and fame and safeguards one from evil spirits.
  • Students choose to wear it because wearing Quality Yellow Sapphire brings intellectual power to individual & help to excel in their studies.
  • It removes delay in marriage for a female. And if there is any obstruction in finding a suitable match for a girl or any delay caused in getting married even after meeting ideal partner.
  • It brings harmony & stability in married life and blesses couple with children.
  • Unites separated lovers/partners bestow marital bliss in their relationship.
  • It represents joys of conjugal bliss in relationships.

Healing powers

Medically, it is useful in curing throat infection, jaundice, protects lungs, liver, ears and blood circulation, abscess, disorders of pancreas, flatulence, dyspepsia, tumors, cerebral congestion, and many such ailments. The wearer of yellow sapphire is able to gain the knowledge of ethics, wit, law, wisdom, delight of getting out of issues, worldly pleasure, Para physical ecstasy, cleverness, physical power, good health, prosperity and intelligence in life and help in progeny.

Always wear an energized & flawless Yellow Sapphire so that you are able to gain best results of Dev Guru Brihaspati. You can choose a gemstone based upon its color quality, cut and carat. All gemstones supplied to you will be 100% pure, certified and fully energized with correct rituals to help you get benefits as desired. Order Now Your Yellow Sapphire