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Worship Lord Shiva -The Eternal Power of the Universe

Describing the glory of Lord Shiva is always a privilege. Although it's not possible to accomplish the same in words ever. There are many narrations, numerous representations, galore of forms and abundant activities of Lord Shiva, that have been fascinating humans as well as all other Gods for long. All these not only fascinate but also strengthen our faith in him.

lord shiva Mentioned below is the description of his physical attributes that he carries over himself :


a. Ganga : As Sun is the focal point of solar system and the soul that of the body, the focal point of divine consciousness (chaitanya) in every object and pure particles (pavitrakas) is ga-aum. The flow from which ga-aum originates is Ganga. Ga-aum flows from Shiva's head. This is called the descent of the Ganga from Shiva's head. Since the river Ganga has a fraction of the principle of the spiritual Ganga, no matter how polluted it becomes, its purity is constantly retained. Hence the water from the Ganga is the purest. This is even realized by scientific researchers.

b. Moon: Shiva adorns Chandra (the moon) on his forehead. The point where the three frequencies - affection (mamata), merci (kshamashilata) and motherly love (vatsalya) originate is referred to as the chandra (moon). Thus, one can conclude that chandrama (the moon principle) is the state in which the three attributes of affection, merci and motherly love are present.

c. Third eye: Shankar is three-eyed, i.e. He can perceive events of the past, present, and future. According to the science of Yoga, the third eye means the Sushumna Nadi (channel).

d. Serpent: Lord Shiva is also known as Bhujanga-patihari. Bhujang means a serpent or pure particles (pavitrakas), pati means the nurturer and hari means one with a garland around his neck. Thus it refers to the one who nurtures pure particles and wears them like a garland.

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