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5 Reasons That Prove Worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday is Beneficial!

Lord Shiva is one of the prominent trinity gods in Hindu mythology. The three gods are considered as the creator, transformer, and protector of life in the universe. As the only God who can change the law of destiny, he is considered to modify the course of life & events to fulfill his devotees' wish. Since ages, people from all cultures and religions have been worshipping Lord Shiva in various forms and names.

As one of the distinct God amongst others, Lord Shiva is known for his free spirit, the power of meditation, fearlessness, and the combination of emotions, which is not usual with other gods. His stories and art to break through stereotypes make him a deity to whom people from all generations can connect to.

In Hindu mythology, each god or goddess is a symbol of emotions, traits and is considered to favor an aspect of life. Hence, this is a reason that makes each day represent them and also most favorable to glorify them.

Out of 7 days in the week, Monday is considered as the most auspicious day to worship Lord, Shiva. They say that if you worship him with full dedication and devotion on this day, then he will bless you & fulfill all that you desire from him. It is believed that if you fast on Monday, you will be blessed with wisdom and lord Shiva will grant you anything that you yearn for life. To ask for the speedy results, you need to dedicatedly worship and uphold trust in him.


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The medieval Hindu mythology believes that Lord Shiva is present in many Avatars. He does not bind himself to any order or custom instead, he believes in Karma and follows the path of righteousness. To know what makes Monday the most suitable day to worship him read the reasons below!


The Clear Hearted God

Lord Shiva is known for his innocence, clear heart and even compassion for his devotees. He is easy to please when worshiped with full dedication even if your desire has flaws. This means even if you have weakness within, he will appreciate your endless devotion and full fill your desire to see you happy.


The God above Worldly Pleasures

Lord Shiva is recognized to be way above the worldly ‘Maya Moh’. This means, he is unaffected and not pleased by any pleasures or materialistic things in order to bless you. He is a simple divine being, who meditates and does not get lured by any social custom, law or things. He is the lord of Judgment with a big heart, who ensures to provide justice to his worshippers in every possible way.


The Transformer of Life

Change is the constant truth of our life. This means that each individual is made of both negative and positive energy in their body. In order to overcome negativity in life, worshipping lord Shiva on Monday would help to cleanse your body and become more spiritual and positive. Meditating his name devotedly will provide you inner peace and prosperity.


The God of Love

Lord Shiva is known for immense love for his wife goddess Parvati. It is also believed that he fought with death to bring her back to life. This explains that he is the one, who would surely listen to your love desires and fulfill them. For those who want to spend their life with their beloved and are facing difficulties, Monday is an auspicious day to worship him and seek his assistance in fulfilling your wish.


Lord of Direction and Wisdom

Lord Shiva as the supreme god of the universe understands the difficulties in life that hinder one’s growth and peace within. Worshipping him on Mondays will effectively help you heal your soul and also be guided towards wisdom. He protects you from diseases and impurities in life without making extra efforts.
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