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5 lesser known Facts That Explain Moon Astrology Prediction!

You might be surprised to know that if you study astrology in detail then the first thing they will tell you is that moon and sun are the luminaries those sustain life on earth. They are both considered planets. If the moon is ruler of emotions then the sun is the emblem of inner soul. When you study about the moon specifically it is the only planet that revolves around earth in the existing solar system. It's quick and swift movement plays a vital role in the overall astrological study.

The moon and other planets get their energy from the sun but still moon rules life on planet earth. All these factors make up to the planetary environment and their movement that has direct influence on human lives. According to the calculation, moon depicts the personality of an individual. It reflects your emotions and inner soul. With the changing position of moon, you can depict the present behavior and also future life prediction for the same.

Moon as the ruling planet at times can be malefic or benefic depending on its transit and encounter with other planets.




To explain moon astrology in a more explanatory manner here are 5 facts you might not know about.


Moon sign is Different from sun sign

This is the basic confusion we all experience when we talk about astrology or try to understand it. The sun sign is calculated from the date of your birth whereas moon sign can be determined by calculating your birth date, place and time of birth.


The moon is a fast moving planet as compared to others

Each planet revolves around all the zodiacs in their specific orbit. This means they stay for a prolonged period or take months /years to complete this journey. On the other hand, the moon is a quick moving planet it takes one month to visit each zodiac and stays there for probably two days.

The moon is naturally a benefic planet

The planet those make the solar system they are both benefic and malefic in nature. This has direct impact on human lives and events those are about to occur or have occurred. According to the Vedic astrology Moon is a benefic (kind) planet that symbolizes prosperity, wealth and mental power.


Two people with same moon sign cannot be same.

If two people are both with the same moon sign it does not mean they will be same in nature. Their characteristics and behavior would differ from each other same goes for the sun sign.


The prediction is more elaborate and precise.

In astrology moon sign or the birth chart prediction is considered more accurate and elaborate as compared to other calculations.
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