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Vedic Astrology Predicts - Our Future in Numerous Ways

Vedic astrology and Indian astrology are the same. It is that Indian science of ancient period which tells us about the positions and motions of the planets with regards to the time and the effect of those positions and movements on a human as well as other species on the Earth. Vedic astrology was introduced hundreds of years ago. Earlier it was based only on the planet's movement but as the time passed introduction of zodiac sign was also done. In accordance to the Vedic astrology, there are twenty-seven constellations which are composed of twelve zodiac sign, nine planets and twelve houses and each house is represented by each planet and the effect of those on the life of a human.

The twelve signs are distributed in the twelve houses and the placement of nine planets in different houses is done according to the birth time of a person. This type of distribution of the planets in different houses is termed as the chart of horoscope. Therefore Vedic or Indian astrology is nothing, just interpreting these types of arrangement’s meaning and the effect on the human as well as other beings.

vedic astrology Vedic astrology is of various types, mainly it has 3 important branches and they have been mentioned below:

  • (Astronomy) Siddhanta – It implies astronomy and the implications of it to the astrology.
  • (Mundane astrology) Samhita – It covers the Mundane-astrology and predicts significant events that are associated with the country like war, political-events, earthquakes, drought, floods, Tsumani, financial condition, animals, omens & portents, matters relating to construction and house (Vaastu Shaastra), Astro meteorology, political conditions, etc.
  • Predictive-astrology or Hora – This Vedic astrology’s branch is having following sub-branches or different types of styles:
  • Jaatak or Hora-Shaastra also said as horoscopy or Natal-astrology where the predictions are based upon the horoscope of an individual
  • Muhurta / Muhurth – It means selecting the best time for initiating any work in order to gain maximum benefit from that work
  • Swar-Shaastra also said as Phonetical-astrology in which predictions are based upon the sounds and name
  • Horary or Prashna astrology – Here the predictions are based upon the time at which a particular question was asked by the querist or querent
  • Numerology or Ankjyotish – Predictions done on the numbers
  • Nadi-Astrology – It is that traditional treatise which is having predictions of detail for every person
  • Tajik-Shaastra – Astrology that is based upon the annual returns of the Sun
  • Jamini-Sutras
  • Nastjaatakam – Construction of the horoscopes that are lost
  • Streejaatak