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Vedic Astrological Remedies- Do they Work?

We often wonder, we have not done anything bad to anyone then why are we even suffering from this and that? Even though after trying each and everything to overcome bad situations, still we see no good change. The answer to this question lies in our previous life. We have done things in our previous births and bearing fruits in our present life. This cycle is known as Karma. What goes around comes around!


For example, if a person has been selling fake medicines in their previous life, they will likely suffer from health-related issues in their present life. If a person earned a lot in their previous life but never thought of donating and has been stingy towards their money, they will likely suffer from poverty issues. All this happens because of Karma.


Not only karma, but planets also play a very crucial role in shaping ones’ life. The planetary positions during the time of our birth depict the way we are going to live our life. The study of these planets in the birth chart is always done with the help of an astrologer. So, how to overcome our problems? The first solution can be, just going with our Karma and let it do what it wants until it exhausts. Secondly, we can do is to realize that we have done something bad in our previous life and work upon it in our present life. Or else go for various astrological remedies. The remedies work only if we realize that we have been or have done something bad and are suffering from our actions now.

One can escape from their past Karma by going for astrological remedies such as the following:


icon Yantra


Yantras are a mystical diagram that consists of numerical patterns engraved on a copper plate. They can be placed in a place where it is easily visible or else can be acquired in the form of a body ornament such as a locket or ring. For example, if a person is suffering from the malefic effects of planet Jupiter, he is asked to acquire the Jupiter Yantra. These Yantras are energized with mantras for the specific deity or the planet.

icon Mantra


Mantras are the divine sound that creates positive energy and are considered to be the most powerful remedy to the problems. Even Shri Ram recited the Hanuman Kavach Mantra while fighting with Ravana and defeated him. This is how powerful the Mantras are. Astrologers let us know about the weak planet in our horoscope and provide us with mantras for that specific planet to calm down its malefic effects in our life. In order to fade out the bad effects, one needs to recite the Mantras for the number of times as recommended by the priest.

icon Gemstone


Gemstones are small energized stones that are worn by the person suffering from the bad effects of a certain planet. Each planet has its own gem. Such as, the Gemstone of Sun is Ruby. By wearing that stone, touched with the skin we enhance the positive effects of that specific planet in our life. In other words, they are worn to enhance the power of the particular planet.

icon Vastu Therapy


Vastu therapy is the science of architecture. This helps in planning out the design, layout, measurements, space, and ground for a certain building. The structure of our house, offices or any other place can be built with the help of Vastu Shastra as it helps in eradicating negative energies from that certain place. For example, a person shifts to a new place and within a few days, he starts getting ill and never recovers there. This is because of the bad placement of things and even the structure of the house.

icon Articles of Faith and Devotion


One of the most needed conditions to ensure a perfect well being is to stay away from bad food habits as much as possible. Whether it is the junk food or it drinking and smoking, you should get rid of them all. Because these habits in the long term can really prove perilous for your health. If you try to minimize your food intake of carbs and fats, you will definitely be distant from diseases. Health astrology can suggest you a lot better ways to enjoy a perfect well bring in the future.

icon Vedic Rituals


Vedic rituals in the form of Hawan, Puja or Yagna can be performed in order to eradicate the negativity in our life. We often perform Hawan while entering a new house just to get rid of any negative energy prevailing in the house. The rituals are considered to be very powerful and positive that it removes all the negatives. One can perform such rituals with the help of Priests or astrologers.



The remedial measures are very powerful and they vary depending on the combinations of planets in the life of the person. These remedies guide us in attaining positivity and eradicating negativity. Remedies are unique and different for each person depending upon their Karma and planetary positions.

Astrologers are humans too and should not be considered as someone who could change the destiny of a person. But still, they have vast knowledge in the field of astrology and have solutions to various problems. The appropriate remedy can be performed only after consulting an expert online astrologer.