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Various Avatars of Vishnu

The most important thing in life is to believe that everything would be right and to trust the almighty .The story that I am writing today is the story of various avatars of Vishnu.

The ten most famous incarnations of Vishnu or sometimes Krishna are collectively known as the Dashavatara. The majority of avatars in this list of ten are categorized as 'lila-avatars'.

astrology Matsya, the one-horned Fish


There was greed, distress, cheating and violence, despair and before the beginning there was an end. The world was at the edge of breaking and drifting towards destruction. People no longer offered prayers to God and laws had collapsed, but there was one person who still believed that the Lord would come to save the world. His name was Manu.

God did come and this time in the form of a tiny fish called Matsya. The fish pleaded Manu to save him from the big fish and he in return would save the world. Feeling sorry, Manu carried him home. The miracle was Matsya kept on growing and had to be taken to the sea. This was very strange and so Manu asked the fish, “Who are you?” to this Matsya replied, “I am Vishnu, the Preserver of life” and revealed his true nature. Blue as the sky, dark as clouds and draped in bright yellow robes, he looked divine. The lord revealed that in seven days, Shiva’s arrow of destruction would be the messenger of doom but it was Manu who could still sow the seed of life, if he did as he was told. As instructed Manu gathered the seeds of all plants and a pair each of every bird and beast and waited in the huge ship.

lord vishnu The Devastating Inundation and The Crack Of Dawn


As foretold after seven days, black clouds covered the sun and there was rainfall, the seven rivers began to swell and slowly the earth drowned. This was pralaya. Kalki; the horseman of doom, who sprung out of Shiva’s lethal dart, was a savior and not a destructor because he saves the soul of a man by demolishing the imperfect world. Suddenly Manu realized that he had left the book of knowledge—the Vedas. Matsya immediately plunged into the water and recovered it from Damanaka, the demon of ignorance. The world did not destroy because of Gods or the Demons. It was destroyed because of the misdeeds of Human.

There was a crack of dawn and Manu was saved but he felt a sense of loss and thought that the world had finally come to an end. When he raised his head he saw, floating on the ocean, lying on a banana leaf, an infant dark in color sucking his right toe. It was Balaji the new cosmic child. The divine child took a deep breath; sucked Manu into his body and Manu saw the entire universe. He realized that the child was none other than Vishnu. Chanting “Narayana”, Manu became one with Vishnu. Awaiting his birth in the new world.

After pralaya, Vishnu opened his eyes, setting the stage for creation. First came the Gods and demons, they surveyed the cosmos and Vishnu told them to use Mount Meru as the axis of space and the churning rope as the Ananta-Sesha, the serpent of time.