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Transiting Saturn Aspect with your Natal Rahu

Ancient Vedic Seers see Rahu as very similar in nature to Saturn and Ketu has very similar nature to Mars. In a chart, Rahu’s placement defines the area where new growth will take place in this incarnation. It is an area where one is initially a bit reluctant to step into, like diving into a cold swimming pool but once a person gets used to the new environment, it becomes the most productive area of one’s life and one is definitely going to get rewards proportional to his/ her efforts.

On the other hand, Ketu which is by definition will always be 180 degrees opposite to Rahu in the chart deals with the past on an individual as well as on collective level. The position of Ketu in our chart shows the area, which we have been working on, in our previous incarnations. It is the place where our intrinsic talent lies. Ketu represents the faculty we have perfected over a series of incarnations and thus comes naturally to us in the present life. Thus, it is the area where a lot of our frustration lies and also where we are most vulnerable.

Rahu and Ketu are called Karmic planets in our chart which in association with other planets can trigger unexpected Karmic events in our life. Aspect of Saturn on Natal Rahu and Ketu in the chart can become a powerful trigger for unexpected karmic rewards as well as Karmic punishments in our life.

Rahu is considered as the greatest Lawbreaker in nature, it is also considered as the greatest Law enforcer in nature. It is the criminal as well as the detective who catches the criminal. In this way it has very similar nature as Saturn. Rahu is materialistic guiding us outwards towards new innovations and new ideas. Ketu is ascetic and guiding us inwards to retreat within our inner self.

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