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7 Traits of moon sign you did not know About

Accept it we all love to read about astrology, future, and love in context to zodiac signs. Some religiously believe in them as they prove true and some don’t. But the crux is we all find it interesting to read.

Each one of us is born with unique quality and appearance that makes us different. It also means we are also similar in a few things. This can be one reason that we find it difficult to know and get along with some and get well with the others.

The zodiac classification is a done on the basis of your birth chart and planetary movement which carves the happenings and traits of a person. Each zodiac marks the strength and weakness of each individual falling in different signs.

The moon sign is distinguished according to your birth chart prepared by analyzing the birth time & date. It is known to accurately tell about your traits, characteristics, temperament and behavior according to the sign you belong to. This might be a good way to know oneself and the people around you.

At times, it can be a good way to enhance relationships or even know more about you. So here are 7 traits that define each zodiac sign.

To begin with, the zodiacs are categorized and distributed under 4 major signs those make up our surrounding. They are fire, earth, water and air.

fire sign FIRE SIGNS


This includes all the signs that have the temperamental trait. This means people under this sign are passionate, short-tempered and full of energy. They are physically strong and can be motivating for people in their circle.

Aries Leo Sagittarius
Adventurous Broad-minded Optimistic
Quick-witted Pompous Careless
Impatient Generous Jovial
Dynamic Bossy Irresponsible
Selfish Faithful Honest
Short-tempered Intolerant Superficial
Self-assured Creative Straightforward

earth sign EARTH SIGNS


The moon signs belonging to this category are grounded. They follow a realistic approach and are conformist people. With the emotional side ruling, they can still be attracted to materialistic attractions of life. They are Reliable to stick during hard times of life with loved ones.

Taurus Virgo Capricorn
Warm-hearted Modest Practical
Reliable Fussy Pessimistic
Greedy for self-motives Reliable Ambitious
Warm-hearted Overcritical Grudging
Inflexible Practical Humorous
Seek security Harsh Fatalistic
Possessive Diligent Disciplined

air sign AIR SIGNS


The zodiacs under Air sign are very socializing and are talk lovers. They are friendly and intellectual but also love talking philosophically. A good adviser but when it comes to abiding by it themselves then they are a little weak.

Gemini Libra Aquarius
Communicative Diplomatic Friendly
Witty Urbane Unpredictable
Superficial Gullible Honest
Eloquent Flirtatious Unemotional
Cunning Charming Loyal
Versatile Romantic Detached
Inquisitive Sociable Inventive

water sign WATER SIGNS


The moon signs falling in this category are known for their overpowering emotional side. They are super sensitive and can be very mysterious for some. They are Lovers of conversations and intimacy. Not an open performer but always there for their loved ones.

Cancer Scorpio Pisces
Loving Determined Sensitive
Intuitive Emotional Escapist
Protective Jealous Kind
Emotional Magnetic Weak-willed
Shrewd Powerful Sympathetic
Moody Obsessive Secretive
Sympathetic Secretive Intuitive
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