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The Top 3 Houses That Effect Your Career

After falling twice, a seasoned mountaineer said to the highest mountain peak, “I will come again and conquer you, because as a Mountain you cannot grow but as a Human I can”

Life is full of challenges. One of the challenges that stands out and stares at everybody’s face is the test to prove your potential in this materialistic world. In simple words, one is required to have a promising career. The impact of this crucial challenge starts from the time a student decides the stream of higher education. After this comes the specialization in college and there after the first job. Once the honeymoon of the first job is over, the next challenging task is to prove your mettle in the professional field and move ahead in the career that you have chosen. Appraisals, promotions, transfers, rewards, incentives, job change, company change, vertical growth, all these words become a part of regular life and time and again shuffle and stir the life one lives.


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Growing vertically in career is very important. But to grow, knowledge of the hidden potential and the qualities a person is born with is all the more vital. How can a person make the right choices and decisions, if he is unaware of his true worth? It is even more important to know the prospect of success in a career. Career guidance is a necessity. Hindu astrology can guide an individual in the same. There are many instances when a person finds himself in the wrong job or where he does not get the result he was hoping. Such situations create frustration and disappointment. To stay clear of all such confusions, it is important to follow a career roadmap. Your personal roadmap becomes more effective if it is clubbed with the knowledge and experience of Vedas. The chances of going wrong are minimized and hence climbing the success ladder becomes easy.

Vedic astrology, commonly known as Hindu astrology, takes into consideration a person’s time of birth and place of birth. On the basics of these details a birth chart is prepared. A birth chart is divided into twelve houses and each house represents different aspects of life. Career astrology by date of birth and time focuses on three major houses. To know the most apt career and the future in a particular professional field, the first house, tenth house and the eleventh house are considered. .


The first house in a birth chart is the house of self, health, behavior and personality. It represents the mental as well as physical health of a person, his attitude towards life and his persona and energy levels. A strong first house means that the person can carry out his professional responsibilities with ease. His sound health and positive attitude will help him grow. On the other hand a weak first house will prove to be a hindrance in the career path.

The tenth house is of profession and career. It not only reflects the career a person would shine in but also his possibility of responsibility enhancement, reputation, fame and karma. An individual’s core competency and professionalism is also symbolized by the tenth house. A strong tenth house simply acts as a push in professional graph and a weak house has an opposite impact. The next house to be considered in this respect is the eleventh house which is the house of fulfillment of desires, gains and income. It also represents a person’s hopes and opportunities.


The relationship between the tenth house and the eleventh house is of prime most importance for career astrology. For a promising career, this relationship has to be positive. The tenth house denotes your effort and the eleventh house signifies the result obtained. Hence, the relation between the two is simply termed as the Effort Reward Ratio. It is important to identify the strength of this ratio for career growth and job satisfaction.

Apart from this, a positive attitude clubbed with hard work, dedication and perseverance is very important for a rewarding career. So if you want the best results of the possibilities and predictions of career astrology, be prepared to put your best foot forward. Vedic astrology and effort go hand in hand for optimum results. Do not forget, “Destiny shines for those who act and not for those who wait”.