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Mantra to get success in job interview- How to prepare for a Job Interview

With the world economic slumping down, lapping up a good job opportunity remains a big deal for any job hunter! If you are also lined up for a job interview, you may ensure your chances of succeeding in the interview simply by following certain astrological tips and advice. Here’s a little smattering on some astrological tips and advice based on your horoscope sign to ensure hitting the right cord during your interviews and possibly scoring the job.

aries Aries


Remember, your enthusiasm and your initiatives are your biggest highlights, so don’t forget to let your interviewers know about the same. But make sure you don’t come out too strong during the interview for it may work against you. It makes sense to do some light exercises or cycling before your interview to unlax before-hand.

taurus Taurus


Endurance and expediency make you a fit candidate for perhaps any job. But your laidback attitude and the ever-shining streak of languidness may work against you. So make sure you show enough interest and enthusiasm in the job to your prospective employer. In addition, your attention to detail may work against you at times and it makes sense to ensure that you don’t sound overtly thoroughgoing.

gemini Gemini


Your adaptability and promptness make you an apt candidate for a job. But your anxiety and nervousness may ruin the day. It makes sense to relax your mind and body before the interview. Going for a spa session would perhaps loosen those tension strings before the d-day. Your enthusiasm and energy say it all, so do not try to sell yourself too hard before your prospective employer.

cancer Cancer


Your ingenuity and expediency make you stand out like a knight in the shining armor. But you tend to withdraw in your crab shell. So if you wish to nail that job interview, do well to let that knight in the shining armor come out strong. Try meditating a little before the interview.  

leo Leo


Confidence and creativity are perhaps the essences of your personality that makes you stand out of the crowd. Us it to the fullest and show the interviewer that you are the best fit for the job. But beware; you may be considered over-confident so balance your presentation by making the interviewer know of how they can tap your potential. You need to realize that your potential employer is looking for a suitable candidate and you fit into that.

virgo Virgo


Meticulousness, resourcefulness, smartness, you are a brilliant salmagundi of different flavours and this is what mostly works in your favor. But you take yourself a tad too humbly. So do well to let the interviewer know about your potential and your achievements. It is important that you are able to sell your achievements and potential to nail that job interview, no matter how hard it may sound to you.

libra Libra


High social skills and utter dedication blended in prolific amount is what makes an essential element of your personality. You are the one who strongly believes in the motto of ‘Work Hard Party Harder’. Let this brilliant side of your persona unfold in its full bloom before your prospective employer for you never know, they may be looking for someone exactly like you. But at times you apparently get too superficial which may work against you in a job interview. It makes sense to bring alive your true personality before the interviewer.

scorpio Scorpio


Loyalty is a virtue of focus and focus is the virtue of success.’ You seem to follow this proverb to the T. You are highly focused and loyal. So make sure your interviewer gets a glimpse of these qualities during the interview. But remember, it’s important to make sure that your potential employer knows that you passionate for the job. Try relaxing a mind a little before the interview with light exercises.

sagittarius Sagittarius


Your eagerness to succeed, your passion for work and your can-do-spirit definitely come out as the biggest motivation for any interviewer to select you for a job role. But at times, you rate your skills too highly. So just be a little more practical and let your interviewer do most of the talking and you would definitely nail that interview.

capricorn Capricorn


Your strongest points are your thorough professionalism but you are too rigid on your ideas at times. So if you wish to succeed in the interview lined up for you, make sure you carry a positive mind-frame to the interview and are flexible enough to accept changes. Your expectations at times tend to soar high so make sure you quote a practical figure when negotiating your salary during the interview.

aquarius Aquarius


As an employee, you come across as an exciting medley of a team player, artsy individual and intellectual soul. Use these qualities to impress your potential employer. But make sure, you let the interviewer do most of the talking for you may sound over confident. Don’t try too hard to impress the interviewer for they may find you pushy.

pisces Pisces


You are a perfect team player, a dedicated employee and a disciplined individual but you carried away by tensions and anxiety rather easily. Remember, anxiety and nervousness is your biggest foes during an interview. If you feel anxious or nervous, do well to take a sound sleep well before the interview and meditate a little to rest your weary head.


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