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Tarot and The Seven Chakras

By- Monica
Tarot Reader

The tarot card relates to all the aspects of our lives. Each suit deals with a different aspect and a different element. Our chakras also have elemental characteristics and we can link the two in a tarot reading. Chakras regulate the energy that moves throughout our bodies, affecting every organ, every cell and holding every memory.


astrology Meet the chakras


Root Chakra:

Root Chakra is the foundation and ability to stay grounded. This is linked to stability and sense of being safe and secure. This chakra is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is associated with the colour red like jasper, garnet,smoky quartz for absorption and transmutation of negative energy. Wearing or carrying these gemstones can help balance the energy of an excess or deficient root chakra. Some root chakra oils like sandalwood, cedarwood also balances the root chakra energy.


Sacral Chakra is the chakra of pleasure, abundance, creativity and sensuality. This chakra can be linked with the ability to emotionally connect with others, freedom to enjoy life’s pleasures and our stability to let our creative juices flow. This chakra is located two fingers below the navel. This chakra expresses ones sexuality, desires and emotions. To keep this chakra balanced and its energy flowing try dancing, moving lower abdomen. Using a colour meditation helps and practice yoga. The combination of colours, symbols and archetypes found in tarot keys can help to activate the creative flow of energy in Sacral Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra :

Solar Plexus Chakra is the chakra of confidence, control, self-esteem and action. This chakra is linked to our inner power and strength. This is where we all experience our own sense of personal power. Manipuraor Solar Plexus Chakra acts as body’s energy or powerhouse also referred to as navel chakra. If it is blocked,you may feel powerless. You may feel stagnant or quick to anger. Its associated colour is Yellow.Hence it links to fire and more broadly the Sun. This is associated with your personal identity, individual will, digestion and metabolism. When consciousness moves freely in this chakra, you are empowered with transformative energy. To tune up the navel chakra,practice yoga with pranayaam. Taking a walk or sitting in the sun will help balance this chakra. Wearing Yellow colour clothes will also help. Eating Yellow foods like adding banana to your breakfast or lemon water will strengthen this chakra. Balancing this chakra helps in proper flow of your energy and makes you feel happy and confident.

Heart Chakra :

Heart Chakra is the chakra of love, compassion, inner peace and forgiveness. It signifies the power to open our heart and experience joy through forming healthy relationships. The heart chakra or anahatachakra is located at the centre of your chest. This is responsible for your ability to receive and give love. If you had any heartache in your past,you may have some lingering blocks making it hard for you to give and receive the love you deserve. In order to balance this chakra,wear green or pink clothes, meditate for five minutes while imagining a green glowing light around your heart, it works like a magic. Add any rose or bergamot essential oils into your diffuser or in perfumes. Balancing the energy of this chakra helps you to be mentally strong.

Throat Chakra :

Throat Chakra is the chakra of communication and finding our choice. This chakra influences our ability to communicate effectively with others. The throat chakra is the energy centre located in the neck. This chakra is not just for sending our message and communication into the world;but it is also an integral part of our intuitive system. If you are not saying what you feel or there is a discrepancy between your words or emotions, then the throat chakra will be blocked. This will manifest itself physically in a sore or scratchy throat or persistent cough. To unblock this chakra, you must include the colour blue in your life. You can do neck stretches. You must also use some throat chakra crystals and may include blue gemstones like aquamarine, lapis or lazuli. To clear blockage, place them on your throat while meditation. All this helps in achieving strong intuitive power and communication.

Third Eye Chakra :

Third Eye Chakra is the chakra of intuition, sixth sense and inner wisdom. This chakra helps us get in touch with our intuition, self-awareness and new possibilities. Third eye chakra or ajna chakra also known as the perception centre is believed to be the seat of the soul and gateway to higher consciousness. When the third eye chakra is blocked, you may experience symptoms like lack of Intuition and emotional imbalances, headache, sleep issues and lack of focus. To unblock this chakra,use crystals such as lapis lazuli and amethyst. Eating purple foods like blueberries, grapes and eggplant would improve it. Sound healing such as chanting mantra om helps in releasing negative energy and in unblocking the third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra :

Crown Chakra is the chakra of spirituality, bliss and peace. This chakra is linked to our spirituality. It can influence us to find peace. This is the seventh chakra and is located on the top of the head. It governs spiritual progress and is the centre for trust, devotion, happiness and positivity. Symptoms of underactive Crown chakra are the sense of isolation, trouble trusting the universe and lack of belief in higher power. In order to balance it, use crystals like diamond and clear quartz.Use them while meditating or can wear them. You may use essential oils using Melissa into a lamp diffuser.

Chakras are the points to provide subtle energy that helps your organs, mind and intellect to work at their best level.