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Secrets to Love An Aquarius

Are you in love with an Aquarius? If yes, be ready for detached, aloof and unpredictable things. Aquarians are cool- headed and love to hide their emotions. Even if they love you, these golden words would not come naturally on their tongue. They will never confront that –They Like You or Love You. Not because they don’t mean it but are scared of surfacing their feelings upfront. This seems irritating to people who are straightforward and aggressive like Aries. Check compatibility with your beloved with Love meter free astrology repo

love astrology Aquarian are Best Friends than Lovers


They could be your great buddies but least often good lovers. They value friendship more than love. Even when you are in relationship with an Aquarius for months or years, they will never commit in a relationship. Simply either you have to ask them directly or get ready to walk out of their life. Many of the Aries women have claimed that their Aquarian men have never been on time in one-on-one meetings with them. They either are afraid to express their love or hide it from the world. Get Personalized Horoscope Chart to know more about your partner’s personality.

life together How to stay intact with Aloof Aquarius


The only way to know whether your Aquarius man loves you or not is to stay at a distance from him and notices if he misses you or not! Drop a nice message once in a while not discussing about whether how you felt when he was not responding to your calls or messages but greeting him/her with respect and love. There is always a possibility to connect with one you love; all you need is a dedication and commitment if you want to live your Life together. Sooner or later, your Aquarius will realize and value your love.

astrology Connect emotionally than physically with your mate


Love is a blessing for anybody. You want cuddles, kisses, love gestures but halt; you might miss all these in initial stages of your love with Aquarius. Start with a cool conversation and then you can make him/her comfortable so they starting trusting you. And after all, you don’t go serious talks with a friend. Do you? Of course not! Treat your love as a friend and keep passing light comments on looks and personality to impress your love. You can definitely win his heart. Get going and good luck if you are on your way to date an Aquarius. Know your chances of marriage with love with astrology prediction report prepared by our astrologers in Cyberastro.