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Saturn Transit 2023 Its Impact Karma in action!

What is Karma?

A reciprocal action against any deed is known as karma. The cause and effect relationship of our previous actions is visible in our life span whether early or late. It is a law of justice that determines our rewards and punishments. If you respect the cosmic law and are in harmony with it, then the impact may simmer down to a great extent. Does it not sound very similar to Newton’s third law of motion: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

A brief introduction to Karma as an inevitable part of our lives will give you knowledge as to how this vicious circle runs.

The theory of Karma recognizes 3 kinds of Karma in our life. They are as follows:

Sanchit Karma The good and bad Karma that we inherit from our past lives in this life.

Praravdha Karma The sum total of good and bad Karma which we inherit from past lives in this life and experience them in the present state.

Kriyaman Karma The good and bad karma that we have earned from an action in this life itself at any given point of time.

This means our every action has a consequence that is bounced back on us. They say there is no use crying over spilled milk but there are ways one can alter or reduce the effect of an unfavorable deed by realizing and working towards it. Karma types and their effects can be neutralized by the present good and bad karmas in this life itself.


astrology Remember your future is a resonance of your past!


Since astrology is the study of cosmic vibrations and energies those prevail in our solar system. This means to study the effect of both negative and positive vibes is possible. The proficient astrologers are known to be well versed in this study and can provide remedies for the same. We all have a specific date place and time of birth. So you can get the Vedic Karma Index Report.

These elements together form a personalized birth chart that assists in showing the effect of various elements in one’s life and the impact. Your natal astrological chart depicts not only your karma but also the dharma of life.

Each planet governs the zodiacs or the moon sign and has traits that signify and builds the nature of each zodiac. Jupiter and Saturn are known as independent planets and are the slow-moving ones. Where Saturn is known as the ruling planet of Aquarius it transited into Aquarius on 17-01-2023 to 29-03-2025 itself. Jupiter is known as a jovial and optimistic planet and Saturn is known as the karmic planet that focuses on deeds, responsibilities, and justice. The collision of these two huge planets will highlight the karmic activities of each individual and its repercussions. Karma will unfurl the thoughts and deeds you will deal with now and also dealt in the past.

So this time Saturn transit to Aquarius will bring depiction of karma and its influence on one’s deeds and life decisions. So you can get personalized Saturn Transit Report 2023 Order Now!  

It proves that karma is the rider of this transit to set things for some in a good way and set some right for their betterment.


By - Dr. J.N Pandey

Chief Astrologer and Chief Operating Officer,  Cyber Astro Ltd