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Saturn and Jupiter- The two Important Vedic planets

The planetary vibration of Saturn restricts limits, crystallizes and binds everything; holding, fashioning restraining and solidifying all that comes under its sphere of influence. Saturn is figuratively speaking the urn that holds the “SAT”. The meaning of this Sanskrit word is “That one ever present reality in the infinite world; the divine essence which is but cannot be said to exist.”

In life, impulse and out rush ever attracted by the sensations and feelings towards external objects are checked and restrained by the nature of form which limits them. It is therefore the vibrations of Saturn that cause each human personality to know itself as a separate, distinct and self conscious entity. Saturn as a ruler of the personal ego is the planet of fate.

Jupiter is termed the Greater Fortune. Its vibrations are concerned with the form side of manifestation and like Saturn it symbolizes the vehicle which holds the life. Jupiter’s influence in the subjective world is just as important as that of Saturn’s influence objectively. But there is a wide difference between the effects of their vibrations.



Saturn contracts and acts microscopically. Jupiter expands and has no limit to its expansion. Mind and feelings are condensed and focused in the limiting form of Saturn and expanded, broadened and extended through the ever increasing form of Jupiter. In these two extremes we have all the elements of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, increase and decrease bondage and freedom, expansion and contraction.

The whole of our present moral and social age is more directly under Jupiter’s influence. The success promised by Jupiter may be traced to the best side of the character, wherein hope and power to expand and enlarge are prominent. Saturn gives financial gain and prosperity through economy, thrift, perseverance and industry, but Jupiter when concerned with financial success brings gain through the social life and collective optimism. Saturn builds strong fundamentals in the market place, and Jupiter causes unchecked expansion and enlargement of the market. Saturn regulates and controls the market place with its corrections and restrictions.

We need Saturn’s discipline as well as Jupiter’s expansion and optimism in life for both micro and macro stability and happiness in our individual life as well as in our collective social existence. Is it going to be “Expansion” or is it going to be “restriction and discipline” in your life? Click here to check the aspects made between transiting Saturn and Jupiter in your natal chart for next 2 and half years.