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Ritualistic worship of Lord Hanuman

There is always a right way to do things. In the same way, the ritualistic worship of each deity requires specific procedures which are needed to be followed while offering the worship. Actions performed in a specific way during the ritualistic worship have a special significance which helps in getting maximum benefits. Here, we are going to discuss the right rituals for celebrating Hanuman Jayanti.

vedic astrology Applying Sindoor!


The first step to start with the rituals of Hanuman Jayanti is applying Sindoor. The worshipper should apply Sindoor with ring finger.

  1. Offering Flowers!

The next step is offering flowers to the deity. Offering flowers also has some rules. Five flowers and leaves of calotropis in the multiples of five should be offered while the stem of the flower should be turned towards the deity.

  1. Waving Incense Sticks!

Incense sticks of Kewda, Chameli (Jasmine) and Ambar fragrances should be used. One should offer two incense sticks by holding them between the index finger and thumb of the right hand. The incense sticks should be waved thrice in a clockwise direction in a full circle.    

  1. Circumambulations!

A person should perform a minimum of five circumambulations around Lord Hanuman. However, if a worshipper wants to perform more, then it should be in multiples of five.  

Following these steps ensure the maximum benefit from Lord Hanuman on this Hanuman Jayanti

Worshipping Lord Hanuman with true devotion is said to bless a devotee with all these boons and what could be a better day of offering worship than Hanuman Jayanti which is a celebration of his birth. Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is falling on 23rd April 2024. Lets participate in Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony organized by Cyber Astro.