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Remedies and Protection against Saturn (Shani)

It is not enough to know about the problems. What is more important is what should we do about it?

Astrology signatures are like a weather forecast. Astrologers, like Met officers, forecast sunshine, rain and thunderstorm in our life. Like good weather forecasts usually it happens but sometimes it may not happen also. This does not prove that the astrologer is wrong in his calculation but the human system and human life are very complex and only God can write all the time.

We at have no such pretense that we are God.

Our objective is when we predict rain and thunderstorms in your life; that is to caution you that in case you have to go out you must take adequate precautions like an umbrella, raincoat, etc. and we cannot stop the rain.




All malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu, no matter what their status in the chart will have some malefic aspects with respect to some areas in your life. Our strategy for malefic planets is never to strengthen them with Gemstones but to harmonize them with “Yantras” “Kavach”, “Mantras” and “Prayers”. The good part of these kinds of remedies is not costly like “Gem” stones or elaborate “Vedic Yagnas” Also, these types of remedies never do any harm and as such can be opted by anybody irrespective of the condition of the planet in the chart.

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Given below are some of the simple but highly cost-effective remedies for Saturn or Shani that any person can adopt to protect themselves against the inauspicious effects of a malefic planet like Saturn.

  1. Saturn Yantra can be used by everybody at all times in their life.
  2. Hanuman Kavach to protect oneself during Sade Sati (7.5 years cycle of Saturn).
  3. A combination of Saturn Yantra and Moon Yantra can be a potent protection against Sade Sati or against the 8th house or 4th house transit of Saturn.
  4. A combination of Hanuman Kavach and Saturn Yantra is very effective if there is a combination of Saturn and Mars conjoined in one sign in a person’s chart. This will be more so if one of them or both are debilitated and retrograde in the natal chart. Or the combination makes the chart “ Mangalik”
  5. The name mantra for Saturn is “OM SHANAISCHARAYA NAMAHA” The seed mantra for Saturn is “OM SHAM" Pronounced as “Shum”. Regular chanting of the mantra for Saturn every day with devotion and faith will also be good protection.
  6. If you believe in worship then worship of Lord Shiva or his consort Mother Kali will also be good protection. Read more about Saturn


However the most important will be to change your lifestyle. Saturn requires self-discipline, renunciation, surrender, detachment, objectivity, and performing good karma regularly.

This Karmic expiation like prayer, atonement, chanting of Mantra, worship of the deity, and also giving to deserving charity based on your ability will definitely cleanse the influence of a negative Saturn in our life.

“Dressed in blue, dark blue in color, who has four arms, the son of the Sun, who appears fearful, whose nature is peaceful, whose vehicle is an ox, who moves slow, who carries a trident, bow, and mace in his hands, with a blue sapphire crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that gives boons, may Divine Saturn ever grant his grace”.


Satrajit Majumdar