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Qualities of people born in October Month!

Every month is unique in its own way. Each month consists of festivals, events and many other special days just like birthdays. People born under different months have different traits and characteristics. It is October! The start of the winter season and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born under this month fall in the category of Libra Zodiac Sign (September 23rd – October 22nd) and Scorpio Zodiac Sign (October 23rd – November 21st). If you want to know the amazing traits of October born people, keep reading!

astrology October Born people are very charismatic


Their charming personality attracts everybody around them. They are the life of a party. Everything is fun when they are around.

astrology October Born people are the Day Dreamers


They always view the world with their rose glasses and are never ready to face the reality. Their dreams are huge and should always work hard to achieve it.

astrology October Born people are Friendly and Optimistic


They are a true friend and never judge anybody. Their positive approach is what makes people glued to them.

astrology October Born people have great Psychic Power


They can read anybody’s mind and thoughts. They are blessed with such strong power and amazing intuition.

astrology October Born people are Competitive


They are always ready for challenges and are mostly attracted by strong and competitive people.

astrology October Born people are Romantic and Sensual


They put in lot of efforts when it comes to relationship. They do a lot to make their partner happy in every way possible.

astrology October Born people are wild


They love taking risks and are always ready for adventure in their life. They choose the road never taken by anybody else.

astrology October Born people are creative and logical


They are always ready with creative and innovative ideas. They are act according to a situation and are practical.

astrology October Born people are talkative


They talk anything and everything. You speak a word and they start talking. They are quite an attention seeker too.

astrology October Born people love peace


They love their own company much than being with others. They can even handle negative people very well without getting affected by them.


It is said that Legends are born in the month of October. Some famous and inspiring people born under this month are APJ Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, Eminem, john Lennon, Pablo Picasso, Katy Perry, drake, Snoop Dog, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kate Winslet, Bruno Mars, not to forget Kim Kardashian and many more. You being one of them too!


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