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Professional Career and Vedic Astrology


By- Pradeep Kumar
Principal Astrologer

Vedic astrology guides us on different aspects of life in the journey of our life and profession is one of them. It helps us to lead in professional career, make the right choice of profession and guide the appropriate timing when to change a job and also explains the challenges that we may come across.

Understanding Vedic Astrology


Birth chart is the static snap of zodiac indicating placement of the planets in zodiac at the time of birth of a person. The birth chart is divided into twelve houses. Each house represents different perspectives of life such as personality, wealth, relationship, income and profession.

Career and Tenth House


The tenth house in a birth chart is considered to analyze profession, status, ambitions etc. The planet ruling the house of profession and the planets located in or influencing the house of profession are of great importance in determining the potential and standing of a person in professional career. For example, the presence of strong Mars being ruler of the house of profession is advantageous for pursuing professional career in the fields related to Security service, Police, Fire, Chemicals, Metals, Real Estate etc. as well as for enjoying stability in professional career. Whereas inherent weakness of ruler of the tenth house might result in ups and downs in professional career.

Eleventh House


The eleventh house in a birth chart indicates income and financial gains. The good placement of the lord of the eleventh house is favorable for earning good amount of money, whereas a weak ruler of eleventh house is indicator of instability in or dissatisfaction from income.

Role of Sun


The planet Sun is the natural significator of social status, Government, authority, senior officers, management etc. The presence of strong Sun in a birth chart is favorable for enjoying the above-mentioned aspects. However, an individual having weak Sun in his birth chart might encounter problems in enjoying the above-mentioned aspects to his satisfaction.

Planetary Strength and Competence


The strength and weakness of planets also indicates the professional qualities of an individual. For example, the strong Sun may be beneficial for pursuing job successfully in the fields related to Government, Management, Medical Science etc. The presence of strong Mercury in the birth chart is favorable for pursuing career successfully in fields related to Calculations, Communication, Research and Analysis, Publishing etc. A strong Venus indicates interest and proficiency in the fields related to Designing, Fine Arts, Glamour Industry, Fashion industry etc. and same implies to other planets.

Dasha System and Timing


The Dasha system is a unique part of Vedic astrology and helps one understand when particular events are likely to take place in life. It is assumed that planets bless the people with their traits according to their nature and strength during their sub and the main periods. This indicates that we can understand the periods that might be favorable or challenging so that one may plan accordingly.



In short, Vedic astrology may provide us deep insight into the professional careers of an individual. Such outputs are helpful to take appropriate decisions related to professional career as well as for making necessary improvements in our nature and overcoming the possible challenges, if any. Whether you are beginning a new career or considering a change, Vedic Astrology may guide you wisely to make the most of your career potential and satisfaction. In case you want to know about the career prospects related to your birth chart, you may book CAREER REPORT on the website and avail guidance from our expert astrologer.