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Which Planet is Responsible in Astrology for Highest Intelligence?

As your characteristics are greatly influenced by your planet, it is natural to be curious to know the planet responsible for intelligence. And just as anger, hypertension, sensitivity, and leadership skills are results of your planet, Vedic astrology texts also state that intelligence is also an attribute of your birth planet. Let us see the planet that makes you highly intelligent.

As per Vedic astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence. Along with the Moon, it is responsible for making you a wise person. While Mercury controls speech, intellect, sharp thinking, judgment, logic, mathematical & analytical abilities, Moon controls mind and speed of thoughts. And to have high levels of intelligence, you need to have Mercury and the 5th house along with Lagna.

Each zodiac sign, as per astrology texts, has a ruling planet and it is a major factor in determining the level of intelligence.

What is the level of intelligence for each planet?

Here is a small chart to give you an idea.

  • Normal intelligence: Normal intelligence refers to the brightness that someone expresses in normal life. A perfect example is a boy answering the questions in the classroom. The quickness to remember things and respond at the right time is an impact of Mercury.
  • Intellectual wisdom: This refers to the intelligence that makes you deeply analyze things and answer soberly. Jupiter is responsible for the higher level of intellectual wisdom.
  • Emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is all about understanding the feelings of others and being compassionate. Moon is responsible for emotional intelligence.
  • Worldly wise: when you are worldly-wise, you will apply the practical knowledge to save for the rainy days. This old-school wisdom comes from Saturn.
  • Artistic intelligence: While you are in the creative field, you need to know what color or design suits the best at a place and this artistic intelligence is a result of Venus.
  • Spiritual intelligence: Not everyone is fortunate to be spiritual. A person imbibes this spiritual intelligence from Ketu.

Let us now see what each sign has to contribute to you in intelligence. As per Vedic astrology, each sign is responsible for a different type of intelligence.

Aries is ruled by Mars

As Mars is the only planet having authority over Aries, the natives will have the courage and fascination in life to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Taurus is ruled by Venus

As per Hindi astrology, Venus allows Taurus to appreciate the simple things in life and the small daily pleasures. And with this, you will be a gastronomically expert.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury

The proximity of Mercury makes Gemini highly communicative. However, the Gemini native will be nervous and unstable and often the mind gets tangled in multiple thoughts.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this influences the natives in their character. As a result, the natives will be volatile and would have uncertain mood swings. The reason for this is the deep connection of the Moon with multiple emotions and the subconscious.

Leo is ruled by the Sun

Leo is the king among zodiac signs and as it is regulated by the Sun, it determines how courageous and ambitious you are. As per astrology texts, the Leo natives tend to be the center of attraction and possess a strong charisma.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury

As you know Mercury as a planet marks instability and this is reflected upon Virgo as well. And this demands Virgo natives be good learners and work hard. They need to pay attention to every minor detail and should also scrutinize information before making the final decision.

Libra is ruled by Venus

The influence of Venus on Libra makes elegance, diplomacy, and delicacy the attributes of every Virgo native. They appreciate all that is beautiful, and refined, and harbor a certain aversion to aggression.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

The influence of the slow-moving Saturn on Capricorn natives includes patience, responsibility, and resistance to change. Also, the natives take time in making decisions as they feel insecure at most times.

What is your type of intelligence and how does your zodiac determine it?

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