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Mercury : The messenger of the God

Mercury is the great messenger of the Gods. He represents, our speech, communication in general and commerce and transactions at all levels. In its lower functions he organizes and articulates material resources. On a higher level he connects us with our inner capacities, the powers of mind. He sharpens our power of discrimination to decide what is right and what is not right. Mercury governs writing, education, calculation and thought. Our ability for quick correlation of ideas, the fast interchange of information, or to assess the true things of Value in our life. Mercury is not the planet of wealth but he helps us in both acquiring it and keeping it, as he helps us organize it.


Mercury breaks down barriers between people and reveals a common humanity and common human needs. As such, he posses a certain compassion and sense of equality based not so much upon sentiment as upon objectivity and practicality. Mercury is very important in our vocation and career, for that is what we do in vocation is to communicate with others and with the society in general. Mercury shows how we appear and how we function in the network of transactions that makes up the world of things and ideas. After Moon, Mercury is the fastest moving among all other planets and so it is indicative of quick comprehension, facility, and is responsible for quick correction of ideas, the fast interchange of information or of things of value.



Weak Mercury makes us rationalize things to suit our purpose. It creates immaturity, naiveté and folly. It can also create dishonesty and a lack of properly defined boundaries. In today’s culture, Mercury is most important. Together with Mars it creates products like computers, mobile phone, Internet and mass media like television. It is for us to use Mercury as a highly beneficial power by establishing open communication which will lead to a global benevolent culture or to simply get trapped in only sharing superficial and trivial information without attempting to communicate at a deeper human level with each other.



Mercury gets retrograde 4 times during a year when communication gets lost, computer starts malfunctioning, and market gets affected by wild, baseless rumors. In today’s program you will be able to check the ups and downs of Mercury as per your chart during the year 2019. The rules are simple when Mercury is up, you should communicate as much as you can, network as much as you can and transact as much as you can. When Mercury is down, think hundred times before you communicate or before you transact. Avoid investments or avoid finalizing of any documents or agreements. You should wait to do all those things till Mercury improves in your chart. Get Your Horoscope Chart Report Now