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1000 Names of Lord Vishnu (part-8)

Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the ‘Wheel Of Dharma’. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. So, before I end my writing for today, let me inscribe the thousand names of Vishnu in this missive. The names are as follows:

Name Meaning
Shreemataam varah The best among glorious
Shreedah Giver of opulence
Shreeshah The Lord of Sree
Shreenivaasah One who dwells in the good people
Shreenidhih The treasure of Sree
Shreevibhaavanah Distributor of Sree
Shreedharah Holder of Sree
Shreekarah One who gives Sree
Shreyah Liberation
Shreemaan Possessor of Sree
Loka-trayaashrayah Shelter of the three worlds
Svakshah Beautiful-eyed
Svangah Beautiful-limbed
Shataanandah Of infinite varieties and joys
Nandih Infinite bliss
Jyotir-ganeshvarah Lord of the luminaries in the cosmos
Vijitaatmaa One who has conquered the sense organs
Vidheyaatmaa One who is ever available for the devotees to command in love
Sat-keertih One of pure fame
Chinnasamshayah One whose doubts are ever at rest
Udeernah The great transcendent
Sarvatah-chakshuh One who has eyes everywhere
Aneeshah One who has none to Lord over Him
Shaashvata-sthirah One who is eternal and stable
Bhooshayah One who rested on the ocean shore (Rama)
Bhooshanah One who adorns the world
Bhootih One who is pure existence
Vishokah Sorrowless
Shoka-naashanah Destroyer of sorrows
Archishmaan The effulgent
Architah One who is constantly worshipped by His devotees
Kumbhah The pot within whom everything is contained
Vishuddhaatmaa One who has the purest soul
Vishodhanah The great purifier
Anniruddhah He who is invincible by any enemy
Apratirathah One who has no enemies to threaten Him
Pradyumnah Very rich
Amitavikramah Of immeasurable prowess
Kaalanemi-nihaa Slayer of Kalanemi
Veerah The heroic victor
Shauri One who always has invincible prowess
Shoora-janeshvarah Lord of the valiant
Trilokaatmaa The self of the three worlds
Trilokeshah The Lord of the three worlds
Keshavah One whose rays illumine the cosmos
Keshihaa Killer of Kesi
Harih The destroyer
Kaamadevah The beloved Lord
Kaamapaalah The fulfiller of desires
Kaamee One who has fulfilled all His desires
Name Meaning
Kaantah Of enchanting form
Kritaagamah The author of the agama scriptures
Anirdeshya-vapuh Of Indescribable form
Vishnuh All-pervading
Veerah The courageous
Anantah Endless
Dhananjayah One who gained wealth through conquest
Brahmanyah Protector of Brahman (anything related to Narayana)
Brahmakrit One who acts in Brahman
Brahmaa Creator
Brahma Biggest
Brahma-vivardhanah One who increases the Brahman
Brahmavid One who knows Brahman
Braahmanah One who has realised Brahman
Brahmee One who is with Brahma
Brahmajno One who knows the nature of Brahman
Braahmana-priyah Dear to the brahmanas
Mahaakramo Of great step
Mahaakarmaa One who performs great deeds
Mahaatejaah One of great resplendence
Mahoragah The great serpent
Mahaakratuh The great sacrifice
Mahaayajvaa One who performed great yajnas
Mahaayajnah The great yajna
Mahaahavih The great offering
Stavyah One who is the object of all praise
Stavapriyah One who is invoked through prayer
Stotram The hymn
Stutih The act of praise
Stotaa One who adores or praises
Ranapriyah Lover of battles
Poornah The complete
Poorayitaa The fulfiller
Punyah The truly holy
Punya-keertir Of Holy fame
Anaamayah One who has no diseases
Manojavah Swift as the mind
Teerthakaro The teacher of the tirthas
Vasuretaah He whose essence is golden
Vasupradah The free-giver of wealth
Vasupradah The giver of salvation, the greatest wealth
Vaasudevo The son of Vasudeva
Vasuh The refuge for all
Vasumanaah One who is attentive to everything
Havih The oblation
Sadgatih The goal of good people
Satkritih One who is full of Good actions
Satta One without a second
Sadbhootih One who has rich glories
Satparaayanah The Supreme goal for the good