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1000 Names of Lord Vishnu (Part-5)

Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the ‘Wheel Of Dharma’. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. So, before I end my writing for today, let me inscribe the thousand names of Vishnu in this missive. The names are as follows:

Name Meaning
Dharmah The law of being
Dharmaviduttamah The highest among men of realization
Vaikunthah One who prevents men from straying on wrong paths
Purushah One who dwells in all bodies
Praanah Life
Praanadah Giver of life
Pranavah He who is praised by the gods
Prituh The expanded
Hiranyagarbhah The creator
Shatrughnah The destroyer of enemies
Vyaaptah The pervader
Vaayuh The air
Adhokshajah One whose vitality never flows downwards
Rituh The seasons
Sudarshanah He whose meeting is auspicious
Kaalah He who judges and punishes beings
Parameshthee One who is readily available for experience within the heart
Parigrahah The receiver
Ugrah The terrible
Samvatsarah The year
Dakshah The smart
Vishraamah The resting place
Vishva-dakshinah The most skilful and efficient
Vistaarah The extension
Sthaavarah-sthaanuh The firm and motionless
Pramaanam The proof
Beejamavyayam The Immutable Seed
Arthah He who is worshiped by all
Anarthah One to whom there is nothing yet to be fulfilled
Mahaakoshah He who has got around him great sheaths
Mahaabhogah He who is of the nature of enjoyment
Mahaadhanah He who is supremely rich
Anirvinnah He who has no discontent
Sthavishthah One who is supremely huge
A-bhooh One who has no birth
Dharma-yoopah The post to which all dharma is tied
Mahaa-makhah The great sacrificer
Nakshatranemir The nave of the stars
Nakshatree The Lord of the stars (the moon)
Kshamah He who is supremely efficient in all undertakings
Kshaamah He who ever remains without any scarcity
Sameehanah One whose desires are auspicious
Yajnah One who is of the nature of yajna
Ijyah He who is fit to be invoked through yajna
Mahejyah One who is to be most worshiped
Kratuh The animal-sacrifice
Satram Protector of the good
Sataam-gatih Refuge of the good
Sarvadarshee All-knower
Vimuktaatmaa The ever-liberated self
Name Meaning
Sarvajno Omniscient
Jnaanamuttamam The Supreme Knowledge
Suvratah He who ever-performing the pure vow
Sumukhah One who has a charming face
Sookshmah The subtlest
Sughoshah Of auspicious sound
Sukhadah Giver of happiness
Suhrit Friend of all creatures
Manoharah The stealer of the mind
Jita-krodhah One who has conquered anger
Veerabaahur Having mighty arms
Vidaaranah One who splits asunder
Svaapanah One who puts people to sleep
Svavashah He who has everything under His control
Vyaapee All-pervading
Naikaatmaa Many souled
Naikakarmakrit One who does many actions
Vatsarah The abode
Vatsalah The supremely affectionate
Vatsee The father
Ratnagarbhah The jewel-wombed
Dhaneshvarah The Lord of wealth
Dharmagub One who protects dharma
Dharmakrit One who acts according to dharma
Dharmee The supporter of dharma
Sat existence
Asat illusion
Ksharam He who appears to perish
Aksharam Imperishable
Avijnaataa The non-knower (The knower being the conditioned soul within the body)
Sahasraamshur The thousand-rayed
Vidhaataa All supporter
Kritalakshanah One who is famous for His qualities
Gabhastinemih The hub of the universal wheel
Sattvasthah Situated in sattva
Simhah The lion
Bhoota-maheshvarah The great lord of beings
Aadidevah The first deity
Mahaadevah The great deity
Deveshah The Lord of all devas
Devabhrit-guruh Advisor of Indra
Uttarah He who lifts us from the ocean of samsara
Gopatih The shepherd
Goptaa The protector
Jnaanagamyah One who is experienced through pure knowledge
Puraatanah He who was even before time
Shareera-bhootabhrit One who nourishes the nature from which the bodies came
Bhoktaa The enjoyer
Kapeendrah Lord of the monkeys (Rama)
Bhooridakshinah He who gives away large gifts