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1000 Names of Lord Vishnu (Part-3)

Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the ‘Wheel Of Dharma’. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. So, before I end my writing for today, let me inscribe the thousand names of Vishnu in this missive. The names are as follows:

Name Meaning
Sandhimaan He who seems to be conditioned
Sthirah Steady
Ajah He who takes the form of Aja, Brahma
Durmarshanah He who cannot be vanquished
Shaastaa He who rules over the universe
Visrutaatmaa He who is called atma in the Vedas
Suraarihaa Destroyer of the enemies of the devas
Guruh The teacher
Gurutamah The greatest teacher
Dhaama The goal
Satyah He who is Himself the truth
Satya-paraakramah Dynamic Truth
Nimishah He who has closed eyes in contemplation
Animishah He who remains unwinking; ever knowing
Sragvee He who always wears a garland of undecaying flowers
Vaachaspatir-udaara-dheeh He who is eloquent in championing the Supreme law of life; He with a large-hearted intelligence
Agraneeh He who guides us to the peak
Graamaneeh He who leads the flock
Shreemaan The possessor of light, effulgence, glory
Nyaayah Justice
Netaa The leader
Sameeranah He who sufficiently administers all movements of all living creatures
Sahasra-moordhaa He who has endless heads
Vishvaatmaa The soul of the universe
Sahasraakshah Thousands of eyes
Sahasrapaat Thousand-footed
Aavartanah The unseen dynamism
Nivritaatmaa The soul retreated from matter
Samvritah He who is vieled from the jiva
Sam-pramardanah He who persecutes evil men
Ahassamvartakah He who thrills the day and makes it function vigorously
Vahnih Fire
Anilah Air
Dharaneedharah He who supports the earth
Suprasaadah Fully satisfied
Prasanaatmaa Ever pure and all-blissful self
Vishva-dhrik Supporter of the world
Vishvabhuk He who enjoys all experiences
Vibhuh He who manifests in endless forms
Satkartaa He who adores good and wise people
Satkritah He who is adored by all good people
Saadhur He who lives by the righteous codes
Jahnuh Leader of men
Naaraayanah He who resides on the waters
Narah The guide
Asankhyeyah He who has numberlesss names and forms
Aprameyaatmaa A soul not known through the pramanas
Vishishtah He who transcends all in His glory
Shishta-krit The law-maker
Shuchih He who is pure
Name Meaning
Siddhaarthah He who has all arthas
Siddhasankalpah He who gets all He wishes for
Siddhidah The giver of benedictions
Siddhisaadhanah The power behind our sadhana
Vrishaahee Controller of all actions
Vrishabhah He who showers all dharmas
Vishnuh Long-striding
Vrishaparvaa The ladder leading to dharma (As well as dharma itself)
Vrishodarah He from whose belly life showers forth
Vardhanah The nurturer and nourisher
Vardhamaanah He who can grow into any dimension
Viviktah Separate
Shruti-saagarah The ocean for all scripture
Subhujah He who has graceful arms
Durdurdharah He who cannot be known by great yogis 267) vaagmee: He who is eloquent in speech
Mahendrah The lord of Indra
Vasudah He who gives all wealth
Vasuh He who is Wealth
Naika-roopo He who has unlimited forms
Brihad-roopah Vast, of infinite dimensions
Shipivishtah The presiding deity of the sun
Prakaashanah He who illuminates
Ojas-tejo-dyutidharah The possessor of vitality, effulgence and beauty
Prakaashaatmaa The effulgent self
Prataapanah Thermal energy; one who heats
Riddhah Full of prosperity
Spashtaaksharo One who is indicated by OM
Mantrah The nature of the Vedic mantras
Chandraamshuh The rays of the moon
Bhaaskara-dyutih The effulgence of the sun
Amritaamsoodbhavo The moon who gives flavor to vegetables
Bhaanuh Self-effulgent
Shashabindhuh The moon who has a rabbit-like spot
sureshvarah A person of extreme charity
Aushadham Medicine
Jagatas-setuh A bridge across the material energy
Satya-dharma-paraakramah One who champions heroically for truth and righteousness
Bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-naathah The Lord of past, present and future
Pavanah The air that fills the universe
Paavanah He who gives life-sustaining power to air
Analah Fire
Kaamahaa He who destroys all desires
Kaamakrit He who fulfills all desires
Kaantah He who is of enchanting form
Kaamah The beloved
Kaamapradah He who supplies desired objects
Prabhuh The Lord
Yugaadi-krit The creator of the yugas
Yugaavartah The law behind time
Naikamaayah He whose forms are endless and varied