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1000 Names of Lord Vishnu (Part-2)

Whenever evil tries to overcome righteousness, a divine strength in someway or the other protects the ‘Wheel Of Dharma’. Protector of mankind Vishnu, has thousand names. So, before I end my writing for today, let me inscribe the thousand names of Vishnu in this missive. The names are as follows:

Name Meaning
Vrishaakapih He who lifts the world to dharma
Ameyaatmaa He who manifests in infinite varieties
Sarva-yoga-vinissritah He who is free from all attachments
Vasuh The support of all elements
Vasumanaah He whose mind is supremely pure
Satyah The truth
Samaatmaa He who is the same in all
Sammitah He who has been accepted by authorities
Samah Equal
Amoghah Ever useful
Pundareekaakshah He who dwells in the heart
Vrishakarmaa He whose every act is righteous
Vrishaakritih The form of dharma
Rudrah He who makes all people weep
Bahu-shiraah He who has many heads
Babhrur He who rules over all the worlds
Vishvayonih The womb of the universe
Shuchi-shravaah He who has beautiful, sacred names
Amritah Immortal
Shaashvatah-sthaanur Permanent and immovable
Varaaroho The most glorious destination
Mahaatapaah He of great tapas
Sarvagah All-pervading
Sarvavid-bhaanuh All-knowing and effulgent
Vishvaksenah He against whom no army can stand
Janaardanah He who gives joy to good people
Vedah He who is the Vedas
Vedavid The one who knows Vedas
Avyangah Without imperfections
Vedaangah He whose limbs are the Vedas
Vedavit He who contemplates upon the Vedas
Kavih The seer
Lokaadhyakshah He who presides over all lokas
Suraadhyaksho He who presides over all devas
Dharmaadhyakshah He who presides over dharma
Krita-akritah All that is created and not created
Chaturaatmaa The four-fold self
Chaturvyoohah Vasudeva, Sankarshan etc
Chaturdamstrah He who has four canines (Nrsimha)
Chaturbhujah Four-handed
Bhraajishnur Self-effulgent consciousness
Bhojanam He who is the sense-objects
Bhoktaa The one who enjoys
Sahishnuh He who can suffer patiently
Jagadaadijah Born at the beginning of the world
Anaghah Sinless
Vijayah Victorious
Jetaa Ever-successful
Vishvayonih He who incarnates because of the world 150)
Upendrah The younger brother of Indra (vaamana)
Name Meaning
Vaamanah He with a dwarf body
Praamshuh He with a huge body
Amoghah He whose acts are for a great purpose
Shuchih He who is spotlessly clean
Oorjitah He who has infinite vitality
Ateendrah He who surpasses Indra
Samgrahah He who holds everything together
Sargah He who creates the world from Himself
Dhritaatmaa Established in Himself
Niyamo The appointing authority
Yamah The administrator
Vedyah That which is to be known
Vaidyah The Supreme doctor
Sadaa-yogee Always in yoga
Veerahaa He who destroys the mighty heroes
Maadhavo The Lord of all knowledge
Madhuh Sweet
Ateendriyo Beyond the sense organs
Mahaamayo The Supreme Master of all Maayaa
Mahotsaaho The great enthusiast
Mahaabalah He who has supreme strength
Mahaabuddhir He who has supreme intelligence
Mahaa-veeryah The supreme essence
Mahaa-shaktih All-powerful
Mahaa-dyutih Greatly luminous
Anirdeshya-vapuh He whose form is indescribable
Shreemaan He who is always courted by glories
Ameyaatmaa He whose essence is immeasurable
Mahaadri-dhrik He who supports the great mountain
Maheshvaasah He who wields shaarnga
Maheebhartaa The husband of mother earth
Shreenivaasah The permanent abode of Shree
Sataam gatih The goal for all virtuous people
Aniruddhah He who cannot be obstructed
Suraanando He who gives out happiness
Govindah The protector of the cows
Govidaam-patih The Lord of all men of wisdom
Mareechih Effulgence
Damanah He who controls rakshasa
Hamsah The swan
Suparnah Beautiful-winged (Two birds analogy)
Bhujagottamah The serpent Ananta
Hiranyanaabhah He who has a golden navel
Sutapaah He who has glorious tapas
Padmanaabhah He whose navel is like a lotus
Prajaapatih He from whom all creatures emerge
Amrityuh He who knows no death
Sarva-drik The seer of everything
Simhah He who destroys
Sandhaataa The regulator