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Remarkable Miracles of Lord Krishna

We have heard many miracles performed by Lord Krishna. The relationship of Lord Krishna with his Uncle Kansa was not a nephew- Uncle relationship. Kansa considered Lord Krishna to be his enemy and tried all means to kill Him.

Kansa was told in a prophecy that the eighth child of Devaki would kill him, so he imprisoned both Devaki and her husband, Vasudeva and allowed them to live only under the condition that all their children would be handed over to him, as soon as they were born. Kansa killed the children of Devaki and Vasudeva but was not able to kill Lord Krishna.

Kansa sent many demons in different forms to kill Krishna. Listed below are few remarkable miracles performed by Lord Krishna:

lord krishna Putana, the Demon


A demon named Putana was sent by Kansa to kill newborn babies. The demon dressed as a beautiful woman flew to Nanda and Yashoda's house hoping to kill Him with the poison she had smeared on her nipples. Krishna's mother innocently let Putana pick the baby up and put it to her breast. Krishna closed His eyes and sucked out her life air, killing her, without taking her poison. Putana's soul attained liberation due to the benevolent act of offering her breast milk to Krishna and the inhabitants of Vrindavana cremated the body.

krishna Trinavarta,The Whirl Wind


When Yashoda was sitting with Lord Krishna on her lap, she suddenly observed that he had assumed the weight of the entire universe. She was so astonished that she had to put the child down and in the meantime Trinavarta, one of the servants of Kansa, appeared there as a whirlwind and took the child away. The whole tract of land known as Gokula became surcharged with dust, no one could see where the child had been taken. In the sky, the asura, being overburdened by the child, could not carry the child far away and Krishna had caught him so tightly that it was difficult for him to separate the child from his body. Thus Trinavarta himself fell down from a very great height (the child grasping him tightly by the shoulder) and immediately died. The demon having fallen, the gopis picked the child up and delivered Him to the lap of mother Yashoda. Later, when Krishna sat on the lap of mother Yashoda, He yawned and mother Yashoda could see inside His mouth the entire universal manifestation.

krishna Agha, the Python


One day Krishna desired to have breakfast in the forest. He rose early in the morning and played on his flute. The gopas heard the sweet melody and woke up too. They came out of their houses in thousands, their calves following them.

They were truly in high spirits as they made their way to the forest. But there was somebody who was eying their joy from a distance. He was Aghasura; the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura. He looked as though all the wickedness in the world had come to life in him. He was fully determined to take revenge. He opened wide his mouth. Whoever entered his mouth had a very disturbed mind. They had lots of bad thoughts entering their minds. Because of so much of badness inside, they would die. With this plan, he rested his lower jaw on the Earth and his upper jaw touched the clouds. He lay quite still, and waited patiently for the gopas to draw near.

When the gopas came near the waiting asura, they playfully started wondering, “Look this cave looks just like a huge python. Nature is so beautiful it can make a cave look like a python.” So saying, they walked straight into the mouth of the serpent. Now Krishna had known of this death-trap. But he had no time to warn his companions, so engrossed were they in their merry-making. The demon Aghasura did not close his mouth. He was waiting for Krishna to enter.

Krishna pondered for a while as to what would be the best course to take. After a moment or two, he smiled and entered the mouth of the giant serpent. The giant serpent then closed his mouth. By this time Krishna reached the throat of the python. He now started growing bigger and bigger in size preventing him from breathing. Aghasura tried his best to spit Krishna out but in vain. The demon now knew his end was near. At last the life force of the demon departed from his body. Splitting his head into two parts. Krishna brought his friends out and saved them once again.

krishna Eat fresh food, fruits and vegetables


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