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Lord Hanuman- A Symbol of Devotion

There is an ingrained connection between Indian epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana with Mythology and legends. The valor and glories of the characters depicted in epics find their way to million hearts through the tales.

Ramayana is an epic poem of courage, miracle and humor and devotion. The epic relates, through beautifully narrated verses, the story of Rama (avatar or incarnation of the God Vishnu) and his wife Sita (incarnation of lakshmi).

Hanumaan is a very important player in Ramayana. His devotion and courage makes Him a living legend, alive and protecting all who appeals to him. There are many tales of His love and devotion for Rama. The unforgettable lyrics of Tulsi Das make Hanuman ji awake in each home in the northern Part of India.

As the story goes, during Rama's coronation in Ayodhya after 14 years of banishment, there were gifts for all. Everyone received gifts in abundance. Sita was very pleased with Hanuman and gifted him with the pearl necklace that she was wearing. The value of the necklace was many times more than all other gifts put together, that were being distributed.




The simplicity of the devoted soul prompted Hanuman to crack open a few pearls. Alas! There was no Rama in there. He lost all interest and threw away the pearl necklace in complete indifference. For him the only valuable was Rama and no other precious material object.

During the same coronation, people had come from far away places in hope of seeing Rama and receive gifts. A careless comment by someone caught Hanuman ji in a challenging mood. The comment was a doubt – how was it possible that Rama and Sita dwelt in his Heart? Hanuman grew large as a mountain in consternation and tore open his breast and all the people were amazed that the same Rama and Sita were also seated in his heart.

Rama embraced Hanuman and said, "Wherever my katha is being recited, you shall always be there. I shall never ever be estranged from you".

Worshipping Lord Hanuman with same devotion would bless a devotee with all boons and happiness in life. What could be a better day of offering worship than Hanuman Jayanti which is a celebration on his birth. Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is falling on 23rd April 2024. Become part of this holy Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony 2023