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Kavad Yatra and its significance in Shravan

As per the Indian tradition, "Kaavad Yatra" is organized in the month of Shravan . "Kaavad Yatra" is an auspicious rally organized by devotees of Lord Shiva in Shravan (Sawan) month. In the Kavad Yatra, saffron clad 'kavadia' collect holy water from a Tirth Sthan (a place of pilgrimage) and carry it back to the temple of Lord Shiva to perform pooja (worship) and abhishek of Lord Shiva. Kavadia bring this holy water in a brightly decorated Kavad (a wooden stick with pots or cans of water at each end).

Each Kavadia tries to do the abhishek of lord Mahadeva on a Shravan Somvar as it is the most auspicious time and every wish of the devotee is said to be granted by lord Shiva on this day. Doing these rituals and worshiping Mahadeva at nearest temple during this time phase can also increase your prospects of wish fulfillment.

Chanting of Rudra Aashtadhyayi along with performing abhishek of lord Shiva on a Monday of Shravan mas is said to give to the devotee anything that he or she wishes for.

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Recitation of Shukla Yajurvediya Rudra Aashtadhyayi along with abhishek of Shiv lingam pleases Lord Shiva. The Rudram Chamkam is a Vedic stotra dedicated to Rudra, an earlier aspect of Shiva & Chamkam assures granting of what we ask. A person who wants immediate relief from health problem, those who are childless or those facing problems in getting married or those facing financial crisis or if those having some wish to be fulfilled with in a short span of time can do this recitation.


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