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Experience abundance, prosperity and happiness through KanakdharaYagna

Kanakdhara Yagna is performed to gains blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. As the name indicates, Kanakdhara, is in Sanskrit literally means “Kanak” that is gold and “Dhara” means continuous flow, making it a huge stream of money as a whole.

Significance of Kanakdhara Yagna

The fundamental aspect of invoking Goddess Lakshmi while performing KanakdharaYagna is to get enormous wealth and for clearing all kinds of obstructions related to money.

This Yagna is very advantageous for those who are facing troubles in wealth related matters. Participation in this Yagna makes a person prosperous and affluent.

Historical and Mythical Background

The legend of Kanakdhara Yagna goes way back to the time of AdiShankaracharya who, once collecting alms, happened to reach the hut of a poor woman. The woman had nothing to offer, but just one Amla (Gooseberry), a single act of giving. This moved AdiShankaracharya’s heart and as an act of gratitude, he then and there composed “KanakadharaStotram”.

GoddessMaha Lakshmi was so moved by the prayers offered in the Strotram that Devi Lakshmi caused golden gooseberries to rain down the woman’s hut.

Such is the power and potency of Kanakadhara Stotram mantras performed during “KanakdharaYagna” that can invoke such kind of divine generosity in the lives of devotees.

Significance in Modern Times

In the present day, KanakdharaYagna serves as a very strong remedy for problems associated with money, helps to overcome debts, financial losses and business and career hurdles.

Experience Abundance through Kanakdhara Yagna

An individual who wants instant relief from financial problems can perform this Yagna or be a participant in this yagna. Many people experience a great deal of enhancement in their financial conditions by participating in this yagna. The Yagna carries a strong power to attract wealth and prosperity and also various new opportunities for monetary gains.

KanakdharaYagna removes the negative influences and obstructions that come in the way to wealth and overall well-being. The Yagna also promotes spiritual growth and developing peace and contentment in oneself.

People, especially with weak Venus are benefited by this Yagna the most, since this is an astrological remedy for planet Venus.

Let’s invoke the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi by participating in Kanakdhara Yagna and make our lives more fulfilling, abundant and prosperous.

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