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Should You Do Business or Job? What does Astrology Say?

business astrologyThere is no argument that a career is crucial for us. But can we succeed as a professional? And if we realize that the office job is not going anywhere, should we try our hands in business?

There is a common concept that business is easy and with a little effort and talent, supported by hard work can be successful in business. This is far from the truth. To be successful as a businessman, you need to have the mettle which is an outcome of your horoscope. This may seem to be hard to believe. But Vedic astrology proves this point.

Your success in the profession is determined by the planetary position at the time of birth and an expert astrologer can guide you on the profession that you have to undertake to be successful. Similarly, an astrologer can read your birth chart to help you know whether you can be a business success.

Before you launch a new venture, it is important to consult an expert astrologer and this will save you from regretting it in the future.

Let us try to understand the house and planets that are crucial in job astrology.

The Vital Houses for Job Astrology.
  • 10th house – This is the main house for profession and career. This means an astrologer will analyze the 10th house to know your profession – whether it is a job or business. Whatever we do in our life is related to the 10th house.
  • 6th House – As per Vedic astrology, this house is vital in deciding the job and service. You need to check the 6th house to know which kind of job is suitable for you.
  • 2nd House – This is the house of family resources. According to traditional astrology texts, this house is responsible for wealth and money. It is a Part of ArthaTrikon and a detailed analysis of the 2nd house is important to know the job.
  • 11th House – This house is responsible for success and gain. Without a powerful 11th house, success is not possible. This means you require the support of the 11th house to be successful in your career.

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The decision to pursue a job or to launch a business is highly complicated. A lot of stress, emotions, and risks are involved. But what does Vedic astrology state on this?

The ancient texts on astrology have clearly stated that job satisfaction is a result of the planetary position and reading the horoscope will help you understand your mettle to launch a new venture.

When your birth chart is not positive about doing a job but is more inclined towards launching a business, you will not get satisfaction in your job and will ultimately have a despaired life.

Read the horoscope to decide what is good for you. There are risks involved in business and a lot of ups and downs may happen. So the first thing you need to check is how Strong your chart is for a successful career. When you realize that your birth chart is not strong enough to take risks, drop the plan to venture into business.

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The 6th house is vital for the job in astrology and the 7th house is crucial for business. If your 6th house is stronger, you will succeed in your profession and if the 7th house is stronger, you will succeed in business.

If the 10th Lord and 10th House are connected with the 6th house or 6th Lord, you need to do a job. But if the 10th Lord in the 10th house is connected with the 3rd or 7th Lord or house, the business will suit you.

Also check the ashtakvarga points of the 6th house and 7th house because when the 6th house has more points than the 7th house, you should continue working in an office. But if the opposite is true, business is your cup of tea.

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Consult our panel of eminent astrologers who can read your birth chart to understand whether you need to launch a business or continue working in an office. As our astrologers are experienced to understand the in and out of the birth chart, their predictions will never go wrong. We can also guide you on remedies to resolve issues that may hamper the movement of stars, impacting your future.