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The Inspiring Life of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the charmer, the notorious child and the charismatic teenager who won everybody’s heart with his smile. He is the savior, the 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu himself, who instilled the faith in us that good always wins over evil.

All through his life, Lord Krishna guided and guarded people around him: his devotees, family and friends. With his immense power he killed many demons and evils, yet kept a humble and compassionate heart always. He enlightened the world through Bhagwat Gita - the guiding principles for life, whose teachings hold good even in the present world and will continue to guide humans till eternity. The Lord has a multifaceted personality that has intrigued men folk till date. The stories and narrations of his bravery, intelligence and passion have captivated us right from the time of his birth upto the time he stayed on Earth in human form, each legend having a hidden moral or lesson to learn from.

The Lord did full justice to all his relations as a son, lover, friend, guide / guru, and as a protector. His life is an inspiration, showing us the way till date, to value all our relationships and associations with full dedication and honesty.


astrology Lord Krishna: The Dutiful Son


Devaki and Vasudev were blessed with Lord Krishna on a dark stormy night in Mathura. But due to the threat on the infant BALA KRISHNA’s life from the cruel King Kansa, Vasudev took him away as soon as he was born and left him with his friend Nanda and his wife Yashodha. They both brought up Lord Krishna with lot of love and affection in Gokul.  All through his childhood, Krishna was very naughty and mischievous; yet the mutual fondness was unmatchable. Mythology is full of stories telling us about the affection between the son and mother as well as the pranks the Lord played.

Lord Krishna fulfilled all his duties towards both set of his parents and never differentiated between the two. He showed us the path that the womb and the nurturer; both are equally important. He respected them all and when the time came he fought for the honor of his parents and killed Kansa. Lord Krishna is the ideal dutiful son.

lord krishna Lord Krishna: The True Friend


From time immemorial, the everlasting friendship between Sudama and Krishna has been an example for all. They broke all barriers of class, creed and social status. They were childhood friends. Sudama was born in a poor Brahmin family, to Matuka and Rochana Devi. Krishna, on the other hand, hailed from the royal family and hence, enjoyed the highest possible social status. However, this difference did not in any way hinder their friendship - the two were inseparable during schooling. Many legendary tales revolve around them. Though they got physically alienated in later life, yet they mutually remembered each other fondly. When they met much later in life, they hit off immediately. Lord Krishna showed utmost respect to Sudama and respected the formers small gift lovingly. In return, the Lord blessed Sudama with a prosperous life. All his life, Sudama chanted the Lords name and helped others. It was truly a friendship to die for.

krishna Lord Krishna: The Model Lover


Although he is famous for his notorious ways, the Lord was loved by one and all. He was constantly surrounded by Gopis, who wanted to play and be in the “Flute Players” company. The lord always respected the Gopis and RASLILA was nothing more than a playful activity that bonded them together. His charming personality and enchanting ways captivated the heart of Radha. Krishna and Radha become one in spirit; they shared an eternal bond that is inspirational. Radha was elder to Krishna, but that did not deter them from loving each other. Both are remembered as true soul mates, who shared a very pious and untainted relation.


The strength of devotion and love for the lord is the most notable part of Krishna Janamshtami.