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How to balance Moon Energy in your life

Signs of a weak Moon in the chart


Signs of weak Moon include ungroundedness, emotional instability, anxiety, inability to relate to other people, fear of intimacy, lack of friendliness and weak emotions. The individual will lack self-contentment and find it difficult to stand the stress and strain of human contact. There will be emotional moodiness, depression and negativity. The mind may be cloudy, dull or disturbed. The mother may also suffer or not prosper in life.

Physical factors include anemia, low body fluids, possible dehydration, lack of body weight, dry skin, constipation, and weak lungs and kidneys. There will be difficulty withstanding dryness and heat. For women, there may be infertility and menstrual difficulties.

Astrological Factors


The Moon is weak when waning, particularly when new, when in its fall (in Scorpio), when aspected by malefic planets (like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars), or when placed in difficult houses (like the sixth, eight or twelfth). The aspects of Rahu and Saturn are the most difficult, particularly if not compensated by an aspect from Jupiter or Jupiter’s location in an angle from the Moon.

The Moon is generally a benefic planet, but specifically so for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ascendants. For these ascendants, regimes for the Moon can increase its positive powers of emotional strength, friendliness, and love.



Best for the Moon is a Pearl stone. It should be of at least two carats in size, set in silver, and worn on the ring finger of the left (or right) hand. Natural pearls are preferable. Cultured pearls can be used as substitutes, as can moonstone, but these should be larger in size, three or five carats, or worn as large pendants or strands.

Such gems should be put on first on a Monday, when the Moon is waxing, preferably when full, and in good signs like Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, or in friendly signs, and not conjunct or strongly aspected by malefic.

When to be careful wearing a gem for the Moon


Gemstones for the Moon should not usually be worn when there is phlegm, edema, congestion, or when overweight (high Kapha). Psychological factors are strong emotions, sentimentality, greed, attachment, or excess involvement with family or society.

Astrological factors are the Moon is a malefic lord (lord of houses like the third, six and eight, as for Taurus, Aquarius or Sagittarius ascendants). When such a malefic lord, the Moon can cause problems even when full.



The best color for the Moon is white. White shades of other colors can be helpful, like white shades of blue and green, or pink, but the shades should also be somewhat bright. Dark and cloudy colors should be avoided, particularly gray and black, as well as too much red or fiery colors. Overly bright or very transparent colors should also not be used.



Good herbs for the Moon are demulcent and tonic herbs like marshmallow, slippery elm, comfrey root, Solomon’s seal, Shatavari, white Musali, Bala, and Rehmannia, particularly taken in milk decoctions.

Fragrances of white flowers like jasmine, gardenia, lotus, and lily are good, as is sandalwood oil. These can be applied to the heart or to the third eye.



The main name mantra is OM SOMAYA NAMAYA. Also used is Chandra hence, OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA. The seed mantra is SOM (pronounced as spelled). CHAM (pronounced chum) can also be used as can SHRIM (shreem), the main mantra of the Goddess. These mantras should be repeated on Mondays or in the evening, particularly around the time of the full Moon.



The Moon relates to the Goddess, to the cosmic feminine generally, and to the Divine Mother. She is the great Goddess, Mahadevi, the consort of Shiva as Mahashakti. She has many forms in different spiritual traditions like Parvati, Lakshmi, Tara, Kwan Yin, Isis, and the Virgin Mary. We should meditate upon the Goddess in our hearts, as within the lunar orb (in the Full Moon), or as wearing the crescent Moon on her head, particularly on the day of the full Moon.



Lunar energy is usually increased by devotional practices (Bhakti Yoga). We should meditate upon a form of the Divine, particularly of the Goddess. We should strive to develop more peace, faith, receptivity, openness, and surrender to the Divine or truth. Usually, lunar energy allies us with spiritual or religious tradition or group, but we should apply our faith with openness and truth, not with emotional attachment.



Lunar energy is increased by an atmosphere of peace, faith, devotion, caring, and nurturing. It may help to be part of some service work. The individual should place themselves under a maternal or supportive environment of family and friends. They should also consider how they can help others in a nurturing way. They should mingle with others and open their hearts to a community.

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