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How Name Change Brings You Luck ?

What is common between Great Britain, Napoleon, Saint Paul and Mallika Sherawat (Bollywood Actress)? Yes, all of them at one time or the other changed their name knowingly or unknowingly with the change in their destiny – good or bad determined by the name change.

We know Great Britain’s name change reduced a big empire where sun never used to set to a country. Napoleon lost his kingdom and Saint Paul used name change for spiritual purposes. Also in case of Mallika Sherawat we know she used a different name before getting popular in movies (We are not attributing all her success to name change- and undermining her talent, as SUCCESS MANTRA = NUMEROLOGY + SELF EFFORT). Read More about Numerology

Suppose on a hot summer afternoon some one asks you to wear a woolen coat – what would you say to him or think about him? You may probably consider him as mad or think they are playing a prank on you.

Now, the Woolen Coat mentioned above here is just like your name. Different names could be considered as a woolen coat (Hot- a name number of say Mars) or a cotton coat (homely number 6) and so on.



Now if your NAME acts like the COAT- what does the weather stand for? Obviously, the WEATHER is the CIRCUMSTANCES you are facing at the moment. Suppose you are facing a (HOT) circumstance- that is having fight with almost every one at home and office, do you think a name which is also hot( A mars name= #9) would help you? No not at all – it would be same as wearing a woolen coat in a hot summer morning. It would be foolish to do so.

So that is where NAME CHANGE or NAME ALTERATION (spelling) is required for better results in a given CIRCUMSTANCE one is facing. This is to be done by an expert numerologist who has the right knowledge to give you maximum benefits of the name change in terms of success and prosperity.

Now could we do some analysis for fun?

Table of alphabet values:
A J S = 1
B K T = 2
C L U = 3
D M V = 4
E N W = 5
F O X = 6
G P Y = 7
H Q Z = 8
I R = 9

Why are few names popular specifically in India? The reason could be the name appeals to the masses (number 9 = MARS) or home or family (number 6 = VENUS)?