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How 9 Vedic planets affect human behavior directly!

We have always known planets as a part of solar system just like Earth. They have not been talked about until astrology depicted a completely different picture.

Though astronomical study is exploring and taking their research to different level in order to know more about other planets, meanwhile astrology has understood its meaning and inevitable role in each one’s life today.

According to Vedic astrology, the 9 planets rule the zodiac sign & the moon sign! With each sign depicting the similar trait and behavior just like their ruling planet, they also are responsible for the events those occur in an individual’s life.

The birth chart is the map that foretells the position of each planet and its influence on various aspects those make up life.

astrology It might confuse you a little so let’s take it slow!


For those who are yet to explore more about astrology and its relation with 9 planets, here is a short introduction about each Vedic planet who is the operators of Karma! Read to know which planet is important in your life and their unusual behavior according to their position!

vedic astrology Sun


The Sun though not planets according to scientific study but yes in Vedic astrology is included as a planet. Situated in the middle and possessing maximum powers it is considered as the king. In terms of astrology Planet Sun represents the true self of a person within. In terms of Vedic astrology it is considered a malefic planet! But if it favors you it can bless you with leadership and authority. It also defines our physical makeup! Overall the sun gives life force and depending on its weak and strong position it will be good or bad for an individual making his or her overall personality.

Sun is the ruling planet for sign Leo!

moon sign Moon


The moon is another essential planet of the Vedic astrology. Since, it represents mind and emotions of a person they play an important part. These are emotions those make our ideology towards life and world and how we would be acting towards it, the karma definer! That is why it is said that a strong moon helps to overcome difficulties in life. It is responsible to affect psychological state of a person. The position of Moon in the birth chart depicts what a person feels, thinks and considers his or her priorities. If moon is afflicted in your birth chart then you might face mental trouble and vice versa.

Moon is the ruling planet for sign Cancer!

planet mars Mars


As one of the malefic planet Mars, can be a destructive force or a positive spiritual energy depending on its position in the birth chart. It basically, highlights the feature of youth and the power to fight with enemies. This planet functions in extreme. At one point it can make you feel dynamic and increase your enthusiastic personality, on the other hand it can push you to dominate people. A positive placement of Mars can help you win over fears and aggression. Besides a malefic planet will accentuate the negative effect of fear, aggression and can even push the person to be violent.

Mars is the ruling planet for signs Aries & Scorpio!

planet mercury Mercury


It takes care of the rational mentality. Where moon governs the emotional thinking part of the person, Mercury displays the rational and logical part of mind. If planet mercury is placed well in your birth chart then it can help you in exploring life, learning, enhancing your intelligence, speech, and written skills. Another point to note is that if by chance mercury is super powerful and extends the desired level of strength then it can overshadow the emotional side of you with logic and reasoning turning you critical towards life. Weak mercury will make you dependant on emotions and lack wittiness and can also restrict retaining knowledge. It is important to see Mercury’s relation with other planets especially malefic as in their company it can push the person towards destructive activities using strong mercury. .

Mercury is the ruling planet for signs Gemini & Virgo!

jupiter Jupiter


Also known as guru the guidance against darkness! It is indeed a benefic planet that is known for opulence, good luck, growth and prosperity. Jupiter blesses all the areas placed around him and is a giver without expecting in return. If placed strongly in the birth chart it showers righteousness, justice, result of good karma. But on the contrary, extremely strong Jupiter can make the person laid back and not make any efforts to improve their life. On the other hand an afflicted Jupiter position can make the person negative and lack optimism in life, it can also show problems with husband, his health, problem in having kids. In total when Jupiter is in Transit it brings prosperity for all.

Jupiter is the ruling planet for signs Sagittarius & Pisces!

venus Venus


Venus is known as the planet of Love. It highlights the artistic and beauty side of a person and his or her skills. It is the planet that helps you recover from painful past and gets you on the path of return. A strong Venus would bring out the artistic side of you and also provide you grace physical beauty, attraction, wealth, harmony and prosperity. It converts love and passion into devotion and intense feeling. An extremely strong Venus might lead to excessive attachment to sensual pleasure or materialistic things those will make you weak. Unfortunately a deliberated Venus can lead to lack of love in life or difficulty in obtaining pleasure or enjoyment in life. This can lead the person to opt for negative ways to obtain sensual pleasure and can lead to sexual disorders. Venus is the ruling planet for signs Libra & Taurus! Saturn

Saturn known as a karmic planet is a strict disciplinarian! It represents hard work, seriousness, strength to face negativities and change them. It makes us face our karmic deeds good or bad and rectify by facing their repercussions in the present. Its position in the birth chart shows the difficulties in lives. A positively placed Saturn will show results of your hard work, sensibility, responsibility and self discipline. On the other hand an afflicted Saturn will make it difficult to fight the hardships in life leading to more suffering! This often leads the person into depression and opt for ill things those could toss their lives completely making them hopeless. Saturn is the ruling planet for signs Capricorn & Aquarius!

rahu ketu Rahu & Ketu


These two planets are addressed together because they travel together! Though they transit and affect different signs but travel time is the same. Rahu & Ketu are known as the shadowy planets of the Vedic Astrology which do not have any physical appearance. They are the two nodes of the moon! They are very powerful as they highlight the unresolved issues, unanswered karmas, hidden sides and problems from previous deeds or lives! Both these are considered to toss life completely and dip you into miseries and destruction in the normal course of life. But if you understand their behavior and try to make peace with them spiritually then you can actually use them as positive powers to make life better. Rahu & Ketu are a shadowy planet that is why they do not rule any sign! When these planets are in transit they affect each house and in combination with other planets affect every event in life. So, explore which planet is affecting which aspect of your life according to your birth chart. Know all the unknown facts about the relation of Vedic planets with human life!